YUMI:synth for iPad arrives

The new app from Chris Wolfe maker of Jasuto and Jasuto Pro arrives. Here are the details:

YUMI:synth is the worlds first realistic sounding bowed string simulator for iOS. All sound generation is completely synthesized, absolutely no samples are used. You can play two strings at once (at different locations on the scale) and bow manually or automatically. The scale system allows you to quickly define all the playable notes.

Also included are two high quality stereo effect units: ping-pong delay and reverb. You can easily save/load presets, and backup your presets via iTunes. Finally, there’s an interactive help system that allows you to get info on a control once it’s touched.

The app is priced at $4.99

YUMI:synth - Chris Wolfe

iPads at the Apple Store

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  1. may be pretty minimal… but come on it's hemicube, it's gotta be quality! too bad I don't have an ipad šŸ™

    hoping for an ipod port in the near future…

  2. I could not wait for a video any longer. I purchased it. I would normally care less about the idea of a violin simulator on the ipad, most of the simulator stuff is very uninteresting. This seemed interesting to me from the description and considering where it came from. It is very enjoyable and it sounds great. I highly recommend this purchase.

  3. OK, I got this thing.

    Sonically, it's a synthetic violin. You get to playing it and it sounds pretty convincing in it's range and not at all out of it's range. But that's synthesis and I don't have any problem with that compared to aliasing of samples. (The scale goes to celloville, btw)

    But the 'bow' is too short. Way too short to get anything going that needs, well, long bow strokes. No amount of pressure or decay adjustment fixes that.

    So, the bow doubles as a volume, and that's the only saving grace (no pun) for getting longer notes and decay. You can press a note/notes and fade the volume in and out. That works very well and gives the ears more of a realistic impression.

    Now, if I still drank, I could play this thing for hours, but sober I got bored quickly – which lead to experimentation.

    The Yumi has a superb delay and reverb. I kind of thought they would be given the talent of the developer. So, I cranked up the delay feedback and time. Then increased the room size and mix of the reverb and then proceeded to get the killer drones going.

    Very deep, dark, rich sonic loops with the ability to fade in and pitchwheel style bends. Very cool:0)

    So THAT,and not the violin part so much, is what I like about the Yumi:)

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