FL Studio Mobile coming to iOS!

Wow! Enormous thanks to iLpd for posting this in the forum.

I’ve now removed the specs as these were inaccurate.

 Check out the site here.

iPads at the Apple Store

iPod Touch at the Apple Store

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27 thoughts on “FL Studio Mobile coming to iOS!”

  1. This is great news as the FL studio take on the Wasp synth was a fave of mine back when I would turn on my computer instead of use the phone.

    Looking forward to this.


  2. I remember when FL first came out, the developers were very condescending about porting over to Mac. “The hardware just won't be able to handle what we're trying to throw at it.” Very rude and shallow-minded. (Only IK Multimedia has a more condescending attitude, IMO.)


  3. so it's true. Could be a gamechanger.

    Interface looks almost identical to Xewton… which may not be a bad thing. Hope the effects routing is more flexible than Xewton's.


  4. From what I understand they hired the development out. Maybe they got the xewton dev?

    They never ported to Mac because of they are fully tied to windows libraries. I don't remember at this point but it might be a Delphi app.


  5. Yup. Looks like Xewton, probably has the same terrible “instruments.” And no mention of audio tracks? This looks like it will join BM2 as an app that should've be colossal but still pales compared to NS.


  6. @Paul

    FL Studio is tweaked to the bone for Windows. Mac hardware *now* is certainly capable but they're a small team and making their software run as smoothly on two (or three, counting PPC) platforms divides efforts away from fine-tuning it for Windows (which alone could be frustrating).

    I'd be condescending, too. PCs are cheaper than a toy synth. If you want it, just spend $25-$200 on a used PC! They've done such an amazing job of fine-tuning it for Windows that it runs surprisingly fast on 5 year old PCs. Their license allows you to install on as many PCs as you want and even carry it on a dongle.


  7. I dont understand why people want the same programs on the idevices that are on the pc/ mac.
    Then you end up with the same you already have only smaller.
    I rather wait for the looty froops release


  8. This news has been around since last fall. YES, imageline outsourced the porting job to another company, which goes in line with them also not wanting to do a mac port. I am very disappointed that no sampling features were mentioned. Isn't that the main point of fruity LOOPS?? Nanostudio, iSequence, Electrify and beatmaker 2 are all I need. (yes, I'm a hypocrite and got bm2. It is indeed well worth the $20)


  9. @njrabit

    I'm talking years and years ago…back on the old kvr-vst forums. They spoke of “underpowered” Macs, if I recall correctly…meanwhile Reason and Live were chugging along just fine.

    It just hit me that I take the personality of a company very seriously when I think about their products. For this reason people such as Intua, Image-Line, and the IK Multimedia people never get much of my attention. I'm sure I'm in the minority on that, though.


  10. Sorry, couldn't resist to the “Where's the punk” thing…
    Plus, get real, a Mac is just a PC in jeans with a turtle neck. A Hackintosh, as a 'punk' concept, is the equivalent of what Sig Sig Sputnik was to punk rock… Anyway, let's face it, computers and iDevices are for geeks whatever the brand (kill me I own some). Now I'll go listen to my Lard records, or maybe some Franz Schubert trios, I just love the bland sound they both make…


  11. @Anonymous

    Please. You wouldn't know punk if it stole your Slim Jims and left you pantless in an abandoned Clinton walk-up basement.


  12. Last time I checked xewton did not have a step sequencer.

    If it comes out it will be exactly like you think it will be I'm sure. FL is an excellent program, I'm sure am iOS version will be great and full featured.


  13. “I dont understand why people want the same programs on the idevices that are on the pc/ mac. ”

    Uhhh ..so I can continue to work on a project when i am not at my home studio?


  14. @icepulse

    You own a Mac, don't you?
    Anyway, just never took punk rock or any other music genre seriously enough to start a discussion about it.


  15. @kris how do you know that it has the same demo songs?

    Anyhoo, for me a step sequencer is a must for iPhones cos I find nanostudio/bm2 sequencer awkward and counter-intuitive


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