Pianist Pro update

Pianist pro gets another good update:

  • Added three new synth instruments designed for use with the arpeggiator.
  • Added ‘Honky Tonk Piano’ instrument for ragtime songs.
  • Increased maximum sustain time for the piano instrument .
  • The Arpeggiator now has a configurable latch, allowing it to remember the last chord played, and continue to play the arpeggio even after the keys are released.
  • Connected USB MIDI devices are chosen from a list, allowing use with multi-port MIDI interfaces such as iConnectMIDI.
  • MIDI IN and OUT is split so that MIDI can be received from one port / channel, and sent out on a completely different port / channel. This allows various new configurations such as the use of Pianist Pro as a wireless MIDI router between a MIDI keyboard and a desktop DAW.
  • MIDI THRU can now be disabled if required.

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