So the fairlight app is still a no show. No newS on their site as far as I can see, or am I missing something? Clip to Evernote


  1. Oh come on, give them a break! In case you haven't noticed, programming and fixing memory leaks is bloody hard work! Sit back relax, make some music on your Beatmaker or Nanostudio and be patient!

  2. It could be excitement and not complaints.

    in general there is always a lot of anouncing going on
    by developers which creates expectations.

  3. Yeah, I agree with Tom that coding quality software is hard so it's likely this delay is just them encountering usual engineering obstacles found during the last few sprints of a marathon.

    That said, it couldn't hurt for the devs to take a few moments to post a status update. There's obviously a significant demand and interest for this App and it only takes a small bit of transparent communication to change people's opinions from disgruntled anticipation into patient understanding.

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