Sennheiser PX 200-II

I’ve just switch to the new PX 200 II from my last headphones which were the mark I version. My only reason to switch was that the pads on my old set were starting to wear out which is ok as I’ve been using them for about 2 years now.

The mark II looked good and when they arrived seemed like a fair set. However, one thing was missing. With the mark I the phones came wi a very handy plastic carry case which they folded into neatly. The mark II don’t have such a case and instead opt for a fabric case which is a real step backwards in my view.

This is a real shame as apart from that the new version of these phones are excellent and I’m really pleased with them.

So if you’re looking for new phones I would recommend them but just be aware of the case. Clip to Evernote


  1. Yeah, everything can be replaced on sennheisers. I spend about $AUD30 a year replacing something (having rabbits who love cables pretty much guarantees this) on mine. Hell, some of them can be hacked to make em the same as the next model up (it's cheaper to just make one unit and then cripple it for other models). It also seems weird that you didn't ask us first, you usually do for most purchases you make…


  2. I am considering going HD650 deep. I Really need a day road testing them though… The last pair of cans I bought (m-audio Q40) hurt like hell after an hour or so, shame because they have a well defined sound for the money 🙁

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