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Dirty Electronics at the ICA tomorrow

ICA this tomorrow, and it sounds great. Here are the details:

The composer and instrument maker John Richards takes up temporary residence in the gallery with Solder and Score, a unique participation opportunity for visitors to the ICA. Over the course of five days workshop attendees will build a large patchwork quilt-like instrument and co-write a musical score with John, culminating in a group performance and auction. Referring to his process as Dirty Electronics, Richards conjures electronic phenomena at odds to those found in today’s mass produced digital culture and utilises characteristics such as designer trash, hand-made, ready-made, hacked, bent, fedback and kitsch in the process.

For Live Weekends: Notation and Interpretation, the proposed workshops will immerse attendees in the interplay between process and performance beginning on the workbench, co-devising the modules that will form the ‘instrument’ and then extending onto the stage. The workshops will be informed by a musical score written especially for Dirty Electronics by sound artist Nicholas Bullen (founder member of Napalm Death and Scorn and a frequent collaborator with artist Mark Titchner).

Workshops take place daily 16-18 February and are free entry, all ages welcome. On Sunday 20 February the sessions conclude with an open afternoon of performances followed by an instrument auction.

The workshops are fully booked, but you can still go along to the performances.

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Shruthi-1: Builds of the month

Tempted … More at the mutable site.

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MIDI Touch 2.1

A good update to this controller app, but it comes with a big warning too:


Most important update changes: all new graphics & 14 theme colors, cut/copy/paste, tabs, accelerometer support… and finally: SYSEX & NRPN/RPN!

Full list of changes:

  • All new graphics
  • New theme colors: 14 in total
  • Controls can be resized to any size
  • New ‘Tab’ control to organise controls into tabs
  • Added support for selecting/moving multiple controllers
  • Added support for editing parameters of multiple controllers
  • Added cut, copy, paste (works between controllers)
  • Added duplicate tool to quickly build up new controllers
  • Added tool to make controls uniform size
  • Added option to rename a preset
  • Added ‘nudge’ controls to allow to help create pixel-perfect control setups
  • Added support for SYSEX strings (does not work with DSMidiWiFi sorry…)
  • Added native support for NRPN/RPN messages
  • Added support for accelerometer

The app is priced at $17.99

MIDI Touch - Domestic Cat

iPads at the Apple Store

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2 comments on “57 apps from 25 companies”

57 apps from 25 companies

And they all support AudioCopy from Sonoma. That’s an impressive figure I think. I’m not sure I’d realised it have gone up that much.

AudioCopy support is one of the most common feature requests for any app that doesn’t have it. So my question is, where next for AudioCopy? What would you like to see Sonoma do next with it?

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Day 11 Mono 1&2 finished- new michael nervous album

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iFourmance-Purple Haze

Via iPad Creative

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25 comments on “What apps do you wish weren’t abandoned?”

What apps do you wish weren’t abandoned?

Let’s face it, some apps do get abandoned. Whether it is because the developer didn’t make enough money from the app, or had other priorities or whole host of other reasons.

So which apps do you wish weren’t abandonware, and if they weren’t, what would you like to see in them?

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LoopTrix update

You may not know this app as it hasn’t been updated for a while, so it is good to see even a minor update to it. Here’s what’s new:

  • Tempo Select
  • Record Count-In
  • Visual & Audio Metronone

LoopTrix - Creative Menace

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modified hartman envelope filter

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