Which apps do you love?

I’ve been talking about the apps I love all day, which apps do you love and couldn’t be without?

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  1. Well Lex, you obvously have no problem CONNECTING your apps. Touchable is great in every way but it's just too much mucking about with network protocol everytime i just wanna groove with Live. I have had zero luck connecting anything with Osculator- if you could tutorialize EACH and EVERY step to connect that would be cool. End of rant. I love Beatmaker2 and iMS 20.

  2. I have countless pages of music Apps on my iPod Touch (“research”!) but there's only a few I return to repeatedly beyond a honeymoon period.

    SoundPrism: perfect for tuneful jamming even when drunk, unstable on a bus/tube, or whatever. (I only wish it had a broader sound set.)

    TweakyBeat: I'm a huge fan of synthetic drums as my Simmons hardware collection knows, and this App is always capable of scratching my itch for interesting rhythmic bleepy experimentation and exploration on the move.

    Shapeless: A simple drum sequencer made to promote Dmitry Fyodorov's album (also called Shapeless). The provided sound sets have great depth, wide applicability to various genres, and are properly produced such that each hit sounds great in combination with the others. I have sketched many great beats on the move just with this.

    PanDrumFull: There's nothing deeper and more fulfilling than the sound of a finely tuned and well played hang drum. In the absence of the real hardware this simulation provides sufficient satisfaction to make the bus arrive on time.

  3. The one app i use every time i make “music” (resembles some kind of love i think) is Chroma Doze on my android phone… connect it to a distortion pedal (doesn't matter which one, every distortion with at least one knob to tweak the sound will be fine) and you have instant harsh noise 🙂

  4. irig/amplitube

    also the tc electronics polytune is by far the best guitar tuner on the iphone.

  5. The app I keep coming back to over and over again if Xewton Music Studio. It just fits my way of composing to a “tee”. NanoStudio comes in a strong second.


  6. Nlog
    Looptastic Producer
    Tap DJ
    Wivi Band

    I could list dozens (I have about 50+ music apps installed at the moment) but these grab me the most right now.

  7. In love with at the moment:
    -Thumbjam (first love, still lasts)
    -Midi Pads
    -Guitar Studio

    Apps I could love if they had a grown up sibling:

    Apps that i admire and have a friendly and respectful relationship with but we just don't see each other very often:
    -AC7 Core
    -Xewton Music Studio

    Apps that I would like to fall in love with but they are just too expensive to date at the moment:
    -Konkreet Performer

    Apps that are just very fun to play around with:

    The most beautiful girl in the appstore:

    An app everyone seem to adore and tell me I should date but we just don't communicate:

    Apps I would never touch:
    anything by iControlMidi

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