Now there’s a good idea

Audiosaudio comes up with a good proposal for moving kits and other forms of samples. Clip to Evernote


  1. Thanks for sharing this, Ashley.

    As I've commented (in a rambling fashion) on the Audiosaudio post, this is related to (and reinforces the need for) an open, extensible, reusable community-focused platform, code library and UX pattern for sharing, storing, and interchanging audio “packages” (sounds, meta-data, history & revisions, etc).

    I currently plan to implement a platform of this nature sometime around summer, although I'd be happy for others to do the work for me. 😉

    As always, I welcome all input from people with ideas, requirements, encouragement and criticism.

  2. @Anthony
    “this is related to (and reinforces the need for) an open, extensible, reusable community-focused platform”

    Amen to that!

    “I currently plan to implement a platform of this nature”

    That would be great. But the problem I fear with any of those solutions created for IOS is how they could rendered invalid any day because of an Apple decision on how they want devs and users to handle their OS (like how suddenly they decided it was not ok anymore to use the DCIM folder, instantly killing ioLibrary).

    I think solutions like that have to come from the creators of the OS, or else how can we be sure it will still work in 2 years, or more?

  3. Hi Johnny,

    My solution as it's currently sketched out on paper and whiteboard won't be tied to a single platform and also – subject to change, obviously, as it's a rapidly changing world! – shouldn't worry Apple in any way.

    I still have a few unburnt bridges left with Apple and co so there shouldn't be any need for backdoor shenanigans on anybody's behalf. I believe such a system will strengthen each platform and their growing creative communities both for App users wishing to create art without encountering technical hurdles, and for App authors wanting to deliver innovative creative tools without needing to reinvent the wheel.

    No promises (ever!), but I'm quietly confident that something cool could arise. We'll see. 😉

  4. Anthony, this sounds really interesting. Will it be cross platform? Open?

    Love to know more, and, as I expect everyone who is reading this is thinking, when?

  5. Cross platform. Open source. Agnostic. Extensible, flexible APIs.

    The current road map is early summer-ish for initial implementation (although I do currently have some node.js servers waiting for architecture to magically leap off the whiteboard) but I can't make any promises as that's also around the time I run out of self-funding so I had better get started on building up some stable income streams first!

    What idiot quits a comfortable corporate job in the midst of a recession to obsessively pursue the kinds of innovation the mothership couldn't handle, eh? This idiot. 😉

  6. @Anthony
    “Cross platform. Open source. Agnostic. Extensible, flexible APIs.”

    … all of which Apple despises… (they even made their HTML5 demo to work only with Safari), but I can only wish you the best of luck in creating that software. Its people like you who can give hopes to people like us, really 🙂

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