14 Apps I love: 5 – Jasuto

A lot of people say it is hard to get into Jasuto, and I understand why. It can be confusing and it took me a lot of time to get my head around it, but all I’ll say is that it is really worth it.

I tend to use Jasuto on my iPad simply because I think it really benefits from the screen space. It is one of those apps where you can do so much with it that there is almost nowhere to actually start.

I find that it is really helpful to have a project in mind with an app like that. So you can just start with a ‘I’m going to do this in Jasuto’ mentality and see where you end up.

The results you get from Jasuto can be really surprising and a huge amount of fun in the process.

Jasuto modular synthesizer - Chris Wolfe

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