14 Apps I love: 4 – DopplerPad

Remember this app? It hasn’t seen much love for a while now, but I still use it, and I still think it has loads to offer. In fact, for making synth or percussion loops I think it works really well.

I’d love to see Retronyms make an update to this, especially to make it universal, but then again, I would consider paying again for an iPad version of DopplerPad. I often find myself using it in conjunction with Looptastic HD or producer.

So, Retronyms, if you’re reading this, DopplerPad is great, but you guys can make it even better I bet.

DopplerPad - Retronyms

iPod Touch at the Apple Store

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  1. Are they working on an iPad app maybe?

    I find it a little frustrating sometimes that some developpers have no more attention for their ipod apps but keep updating the ipad versions

    like isequence for ipod, crashes a lot, almost a year no update……

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