14 Apps I love: 12 – Looptastic HD

I have to say that I use either HD or Producer a lot. I love both these apps and I love the fact that in HD I can use loops from more than one set in a mix. I also love that I can move a set from my iPhone to iPad without too much hassle.

Both HD and producer are great to play with, either live or just messing around on your own.

Looptastic HD - Sound Trends LLC

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  1. In producer you can also use loops from different sets

    but not save it
    nor delete loops
    but who wants to save or delete anyway?
    And I dont really get the genre- thing,
    theres not really one I feel connection with

    but overall really nice to work in and nice graphics
    (no grey -this is serious equipment-like stuff),
    but fresh!

    (support could be better too I found personaly)

  2. +1 for both.. Loading with your own content is a must, obviously.

    Thanks Palm Sounds for putting me on to Looptastic in the first place (I won Producer here.. Bought HD as soon as the iPad hit my hands)

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