14 Apps I love: 10 – Xewton Music Studio

Xewton is awesome. When it first came out people likened it to GarageBand on the iPhone, and in some ways it is. Personally I like to use it for composing rather than ‘sequencing’ if you know what I mean.

I also love the fact that when I export MIDI files from Symphony Pro I can open them in Music Studio and start messing around with them.

Although I can get lost at times editing in Music Studio it is still an app that I go back to time and again.

Music Studio - Alexander Gross

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  1. I love the interface and the power to layer many tracks.

    I wish there were more effects routing options – in principle it shouldn't take much more CPU to allow routing the available effects in a matrix, and that would be infinitely more powerful. I don't know why they went with the 2.5 fx channel setup – it seems unnecessarily restrictive.

    Copy/paste for import/export would be nice too of course.

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