DrumtrackHD released

From the makers of DrumTrack8 for the iPhone and Touch comes an iPad version with lots more. Here’s all the detail:

Simple Is Beautiful’s DrumTrackHD© is the long-awaited Drum Step Sequencer for the iPad. Building on DrumTrack8’s critically acclaimed foundations (for iPhone) but completely redesigned to take full advantage of the iPad’s intuitive interface and powerful capabilities, DrumTrackHD is loaded with new features like FX (audio effects), up to 16 tracks of scalable patterns (up to 32 steps), track automation, pads, signature modification, sample patterns, new HD drum kits, reverse samples and much, much more.

Create killer rhythms in DrumTrackHD’s great looking, intuitive interface using a choice of over 15 drum kits. Customize your kits at will by importing user samples, adding/subtracting/replacing tracks, or creating multi-sample tracks. Add audio Fx, swing and more while playing back and fine tuning your song. When you’re ready, export your patterns or songs in General MIDI or WAV Format (Ipcm, aac, or Ima4), transfer files with iTunes, upload them to SoundCloud or copy them (as audio file) using AudioCopy protocol (FourTrack) or Intua (Beat Maker) public pasteboard methods.

DrumtrackHD Key Features:

  • Based on critically acclaimed iPhone app DrumTrack8, great looking, intuitive user interface to make killer rhythms.
  • Classic transport functions (play/pause/reset, loop in pattern)
  • Global adjustable swing
  • Adjustable BPM with tap tempo recognition, long hold for numerical input, or drag & slide
  • Change drum kits by scrolling or in the Kit Selection Dialog during live sets

Pattern Edition

  • Up to 16 tracks depending on the Drum Kit
  • 1 to 32 steps per pattern with optimized screen usage
  • Edit each step’s velocity, pan, pitch and start/end offset, and even reverse samples
  • Coherent color-coded visual representation facilitates pattern recognition and reading
  • Multi-touch step drawing and editing
  • Adjustable length and signatures (4/4, 3/4, 4/8, etc.) for each pattern
  • Rectangle selection allowing to quickly move, copy, delete and duplicate whole/part of a pattern

Song Edition

  • Easy drag and drop UI for song creation
  • Unlimited number of unique patterns, with editable name and color, in a song.
  • Unlimited number of pattern instances in a song structure.
  • Mail/export song/pattern as MIDI files or audio (wav, adpcm or aac) to import into your choice of DAW
  • Render to disk: transfer files to and from your iPad using iTunes.
  • Sonoma Wireworks AudioCopy © and Intua© pasteboard integration to copy/paste (as audio) into other Apps
  • Upload songs and patterns to Soundcloud© to share with friends.

Drum Kits

  • Choose from more than 15 kits, including the classical 808, 909, 606, LM1, etc.
  • Advanced kits with multi-sample per track, with random or velocity-based triggers
  • Entirely user-customizable kits: adding, removing or replacing samples in tracks, and importing user samples.

Fx: Real-time Audio Effects

  • Up to two simultaneous Fx
  • Assign to Master return track or two possible return tracks, with adjustable wetness
  • Delay: time or beat quantization
  • Filter: low-pass resonant filter
  • Bitcrusher: beat rate and sample reduction
  • Saturator
  • More coming soon…


  • Adjustable volume and panning per track
  • Large mute and solo buttons
  • 2 adjustables Fx return per track

And much more:

  • Automation panel for precise controls of a track’s parameters, including clear, linear or quadratic ramps, shuffle, randomize, copy/paste functionalities…
  • Pads panel: live jam, overdubbing and quantized recording.
  • Integrated documentation and Quickstart

The app is priced at $9.99

DrumtrackHD - Simple Is Beautiful

iPads at the Apple Store

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  1. That looks incredible. I love the phone app. I use it to make beats that I take into nanostudio. I wish it had a 'copy each pattern to the pasteboard' feature, sorta like the way ns lets you copy/paste multiple files at once. Want an iPad!

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