“Amur adonis” on NanoStudio

NanoStudio - Blip Interactive Ltd

iPads at the Apple Store

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  1. Sorry, but that's really schmaltzy and sugery. Sounds like some voice over is about to come up advertising corporate herbal tea or something! :vomit:Where's the PUNK!?? 😉


  2. @Tom u always come here talkin smack about peoples videos/music…. where is your stuff? I can tell this person actually spent some time working on this track and you just bring him down without any real constructive criticism. 😦


  3. Cool. Kindof like a lo-fi digital version of mum. Nice guitar-ing.and yeah dudes, why don't you put up your own “not-schmaltzy” music?


  4. Tom, the answer to “where's the punk” is “look in the mirror!”this is very well done, not exactly my genre, but the rest if aren't here to critique.. we're here to celebrate mobile music making..


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