Ricepad adds an HP filter module amongst a packed update.

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  1. Yes i sort of like the extent of mayhem you can achieve but the interface and gesture are just too odd for an agreable use. Gathers dust. Regretably.

  2. That's an interesting comment Brian. I've also got Ricepad, but I think the reason I don't pick it up so much is because it's actually a real electronic musical instrument- and so it has to be learnt.

    With Ricepad, I can improvise, but with say Nanostudio, I can, but can't, really. I think in the hands of the right person, RicePad will come into, like the TB303 did, its own (and it deserves to be). But I don't think it's going to be an instant hit because you must learn its interface.

    I think we're beginning to see this with all iApps now. The really bog-standard ones with the same old interfaces are becoming the same old leaders again, and that's a bit of a shame.

  3. I bought Ricepad just after the release. It's great but I can't use it because there is no shuffle and only 16-step sequences.
    An ability to paste audio to a loop player would be great too.
    It's interface is very smart but different. Just needs a moment to get used to.

  4. I too have had ricepad from day 1 –
    I have yet to get to grips with it at all (my fault) waiting for a rainy day…
    Interesting comments Tom, you may have brought the rainy day forward a few weeks.

  5. I got it for some time and this app is giving me what all others apps don't bring me 100% anymore : F-U-N. A bit the Funkbox way (but very different in style). The interface is very well conceived, at least one app without a small piano keyboard nobody can use on an Ipod, or small ridoculous touchs. Developer is listening to comments, and recent update is brillant. Price is insanely low, downloadable presets are cool. I'll use it on stage as soon I can. My friends love it improvising with, musicians, and their kids. Real fun. As music production should be. Marc Bestgen

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