Beatmaker 2 Chop Lab

BeatMaker 2 - INTUA

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  1. It looks like it's all manual. But I might be wrong.

    Does anyone know whether it can do other time sigs apart from 4/4?

  2. No there's an Autochop button. You select the number of slices and time sig. Supported time signatures are 2/4 – 19/4.
    Really I'm finding the Chop Lab to be my favorite new addition. At home I use Recycle more to export individual slices than the REX encoding, so this is like having Recycle with me at all times. Any slicing you do in the app can be sent to the computer over FTP for use in other apps.

    A shame they ripped off NanoStudio sequencer, but that aside best $20 I ever spent.

  3. Beatmaker saved me today. Doing a beat challange and logic wasnt working for me. Plus with everything thats happend this week not got the time. The chops and editing have been a big help. shame it can handle the power. Hope its just memory leaks as its crashed a few times.

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