26 comments on “Beatmaker 2 is here!”

Beatmaker 2 is here!

It has arrived! Here’s the full app description:

BeatMaker™ 2 : the most advanced mobile music workstation.
Combining music production tools that made the success of countless artists, BeatMaker 2 brings a powerful and easy-to-use composition interface for amateurs and professionals alike.

Build your own virtual home-studio creating multiple instruments, connecting them to a full-range of audio effects. Compose, record, arrange and transform your ideas into complete songs, ready to be shared with others.

Import your own sounds or use the included sound library: more than 170 high-quality instruments and drum presets from synthesizers to realistic orchestral sounds.
You can even import songs from your iPod library!


  • Create multiple instruments with Drum Machine or Keyboard interface
  • 10 effect units to choose from: Reverb, Compressor, Filter, Delay, EQ, Flanger, Chorus, AutoPan, BitCrusher, Overdrive.
  • 3 effect slots for each instruments, unlimited global effects racks
  • Customizable Cross Controller for all effects, to manipulate multiple parameters at once


  • Up to 128 trigger pads: 16 pads over 8 different banks
  • Chop Lab: Slice audio loops to automatically create new sound presets
  • Control sound parameters on individual pad: volume, pan, mute, output bus, semitone, fine tune, reverse and autoscaling
  • Low/high pass filter per pad with cutoff and resonance control
  • Choose between various pad trigger modes: one-shot, hold & loop
  • Customizable envelope (ADSR) control for each pad
  • Exclusive groups and polyphony management
  • “Live” modes: trigger, mute, reverse, velocity and tune spreading.


  • 128 keys keyboard with pitch wheel with double keyboard mode, note display and zoom controls
  • Easily create your own instruments from any sample combination with the keygroup editor
  • Volume and filter ADSR envelopes
  • Low/high pass filter with cutoff, resonance and key tracking
  • 2 LFOs with customizable amplitude, offset and rate (synchronizable), controlling volume, pitch and filter parameters
  • Polyphony control, with up to 32 voices per keyboard sampler
  • Legato play mode with customizable glide
  • Keygroup controls: volume, pan, semitones, fine-tune, reverse and one-shot, hold, hold & loop trigger modes


  • Create unlimited instrument and FX tracks
  • Automations: Record, edit and replay instrument and effect parameters
  • Record, draw, arrange and resize patterns along the timeline to build your song
  • Compose and modify patterns with a piano-roll interface. Edit notes, parameters, and automations.
  • Instrument and effect recording options: Quantize, take or partial undo, pre-roll, Overdub, note erasing.


  • Full-fledged wave editor with intuitive pinch and selection for manipulating samples
  • Basic edition tools: trim, cut, copy, paste, with 8 levels undo/redo
  • High quality time-stretching and pitch-shifting algorithms
  • Audio tools: normalize, silence, reverse, fade in and out, cross-fade
  • Record new samples from device microphone or plugged instrument
  • Loop points and tempo/signature editor


  • Realistic multi-track mixer with level meters
  • Edit volume, pan, solo, mute and bus routing features for individual tracks


  • 68 Drum Machine presets from all genres
  • 111 Keyboard Sampler presets, from synthesizers to realistic orchestral instruments.


  • Export your songs to Audio or MIDI files
  • Transfer and manage your files from your computer using the integrated FTP server
  • Import any songs from your iPod library to create new remixes
  • Upload your songs directly to your SoundCloud account
  • Share audio content with more than 20 other music applications using the iOS pasteboard
  • Supports BeatMaker 1 kits and projects
  • Fully supports Retina display
  • Native iPad version coming soon as a free update

BeatMaker 2 is priced at $19.99

BeatMaker 2 - INTUA

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8 comments on “A Palm Sounds SoundCloud group?”

A Palm Sounds SoundCloud group?

A couple of people have suggested this idea and I wanted to gather some more opinion on it. I know there are already a bunch of app focused groups on SoundCloud, but there’s also the Handheld Music group which doesn’t seem to have got any love for a little while now.

So, what do you think? revisit the Handheld group or start fresh?

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2 comments on “Dingsaller Promo Code Give Away”

Dingsaller Promo Code Give Away

I have 10 codes for this great app. No question this time, but you do have to agree to make a video of Dingsaller in use for posting to YouTube or Vimeo etc.

Email your entry to palmsounds.comp@me.com as usual and 10 winners will be picked out at random.

Your entry needs to be in by tomorrow 7th of Feb at 8pm GMT latest.

Dingsaller - Tim Bolstad

iPads at the Apple Store

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0 comments on “Korg iMS-20 on iPad: "MS-step" dubstep demo”

Korg iMS-20 on iPad: "MS-step" dubstep demo


iPads at the Apple Store

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0 comments on “Japanese iPad Music from iPad Creative”

Japanese iPad Music from iPad Creative

This was on iPad Creative on Friday. Still fun on Sunday.

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3 comments on “Black or White / iPhone "iShred"”

Black or White / iPhone "iShred"

iShred - Frontier Design Group

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1 comment on “deej iPad App Demo by DailyAppShow”

deej iPad App Demo by DailyAppShow

deej - InQBarna

iPads at the Apple Store

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0 comments on “Enter the tap dj contest to win an iPod”

Enter the tap dj contest to win an iPod

Fairly simple stuff, just a tweet to enter! Details here.

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1 comment on “Control your DX-7 via TouchOSC”

Control your DX-7 via TouchOSC

A DX-7 layout for TouchOSC!

TouchOSC - hexler

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6 comments on “NanoStudio 1.13 arrived”

NanoStudio 1.13 arrived

The update includes:

NanoStudio - Blip Interactive Ltd

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