iOS 4.3 coming on the 14th? Feel the love …

More iOS 4.3 rumours, and we all love the rumours! Will it be a valentine’s gift from Apple? How much love can you feel?

Ok, I am being very silly, but it is Saturday morning! Clip to Evernote


  1. @swalker133

    There have been indications that the gestures will not be made available in 4.3.

    I want these features so bad. The only thing I hate more than hitting the home button is hitting it twice.


  2. The multitasking gestures will not be in the retail 4.3. It's just an experimental developer test feature for now.

  3. formal… sadly I think it was 'fixed' in 4.2 to conserve battery life. You probably need to get over it for the sake of your health!

  4. I'm just upset that I waited to update until this week. If I woulda known most my accessories would stop working I wouldn't have updated. I wish apple would stop thinking they know what's best for their users. If I want to hook up a bunch of battery draining devices, that's my problem and not for them to decide.

    I'll keep my fingers crossed for some type of jailbreak hack to fix it…..

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