iOS 4.3 and iPad 2 in the next 10 days?

MacRumors is suggesting that we might see both iOS 4.3 and the next iPad in the next 10 days. Whilst I think there’s lots of good stuff in 4.3 I’m not sure that there’s anything specific for music making.

As for the iPad 2 I’m not expecting a load of amazing new hardware, but perhaps faster thinner etc, but a major step.

As always I’d like to hear from anyone who knows / thinks different. Clip to Evernote


  1. Damn, I just upgraded to iOS4.2 yesterday. Wish I woulda stayed on 3.2 šŸ˜¦ And now I'm stuck.

    I really hope 4.3 fixes the effing USB audio power issue.


  2. Russel at Pyjamahouse has said that iOS 4.3 will be addressing some issues with iPod Library access experienced in the background for some apps. Not sure exactly what is being addressed, but I'm sort of hoping that it might mean the elimination of duplicate sound files…most DJ apps need to copy the track from the iPod library in order to play/manipulate it.


  3. Hoping the main change with iPad 2 is making it lighter.

    But that seems unlikely given the current state of screen and battery technology.


  4. Make the ipad2 with 2 gigs of ram, a removable battery, expansive storage (sd cards), a real USB port, a dual lcd/e-ink screen, a more open OS (with access to the files, or just the desktop and maybe a “document” folder), and put on a few more buttons on the front for gaming and more, and please make the back less round so it can sit flat on a table.

    But yeah.. its Apple, so its probably only going to be thinner and with a 1 megapixel camera.


  5. @Johnnyg0

    The only of the features you mention that I'd even want are USB and a flat back. Some extra RAM might be nice just to support future versions of iOS (like when real multitasking is added). I would like better file connectivity, but an Explorer style file browser would not make me happy. I think they're on the right track with iTunes file sharing; it should just be a) wireless b) reciprocal.

    A removable battery? The iPad battery lasts all day. After a few hundred cycles when its capacity is reduced, Apple replaces batteries without much of a labor charge to speak of. Unless you don't have reliable access to electricity, I don't see the rub.

    More buttons? I'd rather they just get rid of the one it has.

    I must say, it sounds like the device you are describing is an Android tablet šŸ™‚



  6. iPad 2 is mostly going to be thinner, lighter, cheaper.

    There will be a 16GB Wifi base model with the same features as current model but much cheaper.

    Then there will be new dual CPU/dual GPU models at higher price points.

    Permanent battery maybe smaller, but improved efficiency for 10 hours video.

    Display will be same resolution, but will work better in bright light. Perhaps non-reflective.

    Facetime cameras (VGA front, 1MP back).

    No new ports or slots.

    US will get Verizon and AT&T compatible 3G models. No LTE.

    OS will initially be 4.3 with few new features except Facetime on new models.

    iPhone 4 apps will run at full resolution.

    iOS 5 will be announced at a separate event in Spring and will be released in late June or July.


  7. But a Feb 15th iPad 2 announcement for an April 15 launch makes no sense at all. An announcement would kill sales of the current model for two months.


  8. @Anynomous

    “Explorer style file browser would not make me happy.”

    File access is not just about haveing an “explorer style browser”, its about giving you the possiblitity to make a copy of the songs/projects you created in an app. Its about letting you export your project, letting you put any kind of files on your devices, and letting you access all the files you created on your device.

    “A removable battery? The iPad battery lasts all day.”

    And that cannot be done with a removable battery because? … and when the ipad battery breaks, you can't just buy one and replace it yourself?

    “I think they're on the right track with iTunes file sharing”

    Are you aware iTunes resizes your pictures to 1024×768 when you copy them to your ipad? Wouldn't you prefer to just copy the real complete file on it?


  9. “I must say, it sounds like the device you are describing is an Android tablet :)”

    What I'm saying is, more options would be nice. Apple doesn't need to be like Nintento or Sony.


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