Black Valve Animals: Made with Nanoloop Latest tracks by Black Valve Animals

Now that the comp is over I can feature tracks again. This one is by the Black Valve Animals and is made with NanoStudio:

The track was made using samples I recorded of my guitar feeding back through a tape echo and a pog 2. Once I had about half an hours worth of noise I just picked out the good bits, chopped em up and loaded it all into good ol nanostudio. Did some further editing in the app itself and then resampled the ‘noisy feedback samples’ into the synth created a basic progression from there. Once I was satisfied I just laid down some real basic drums and voila! Clip to Evernote


  1. It's official nanostudio is one of the best apps for making music.

    This guy just turned half an hours worth of feedback into a melody

    sampling totally rules

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