SL Remote™ for iPad

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SL Remote™ for iPad® provides remote control of nearly all of the mixing functions of PreSonus StudioLive-series mixers. SL Remote connects wirelessly to Virtual StudioLive™ (VSL) for Mac® and Windows®, freeing the sound person to move around the venue while making adjustments to the mix and empowering musicians to take control of their own monitor mixes. SL Remote can connect to any StudioLive mixer over a wireless network. Conversely, up to 24 iPads running SL Remote can simultaneously control the same StudioLive mixer while retaining VSL and hardware control.

SL Remote requires a Mac or Windows PC running Universal Control v. 1.2 or later (which includes VSL) and a StudioLive-series mixer. The computer and mixer must be connected and synced via FireWire 400. VSL must be launched in order for SL Remote to detect a StudioLive mixer on the network.


  • Level, Pan, and Mute control over all channels and subgroups
  • Subgroup, Main, and FireWire-assign control for all channels
  • Dynamics and EQ control for all channels, auxes, subgroups, and mains
  • Aux and FX Mix Send control
  • FX Type recall and parameter control
  • GEQ control and bus insert assignment (24.4.2 only)
  • GEQ Draw mode allows you to draw GEQ curve
  • Portrait Zoom mode allows you to see and adjust every parameter for a channel or bus
  • Offline demo mode


Compatible with iPad only. Requires iOS 4.2.1 or later. Computer running Universal Control v1.2 connected and synced to a StudioLive series mixer via a FireWire 400 connection.

The app is free.

PreSonus SL Remote - PreSonus Audio Electronics

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