This might actually be useful with the weather we’ve been having!

I know that in the US you might think that this is a great idea right now, but also not bad in the UK either. Clip to Evernote


  1. As a photographer, I've been cutting the important finger tips off of my gloves for many years …. nothing new and I even found cheap mittens that have fold up fingers using velcro … nothing new there either … but … I do like the gloves with the conductive material. Trouble with those are that in the winter I lose a pair of gloves a day so for me it's cheaper to buy cheap gloves and cut out a finger hole. I even have a pair of heavy work gloves (for hauling firewood into the house) that I cut a finger hole out of … works perfect if you don't mind setting down an armful of lumber to answer the phone 🙂

  2. You can buy gloves that works with capacitive touchscreen (which requires to have a current going throught you).

    There are also ways to transform regular mittens into conductive mittens, which basically requires you to cut the tips and replace it with a conductive material.

  3. But arent gloves meant to isolate your hands from cold air using isolating materials?
    Do the gloves of conductive materials works as gloves?
    Anyone tried?

  4. Anyone who does electronics as a hobby probably has some conductive material that works on ipod/pad touch screens. The black foam that your microprocessor is stuck into when you buy one works this way. I have made a few iphone 'pens' with this (just shape the foam into a ball and stick it on the top of a metal graphic or draftmans pencil).
    I guess it might also work with gloves although you might need to earch it to your body in some way.

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