Wow! Razer Switchblade™

Whilst designed for gaming, I can see some real musical possibilities with this, especially with the dynamic keyboard. Clip to Evernote


  1. It certainly is impressive, and no doubt quite expensive. The remapped keyboard is very impressive but I'm trying to figure out if there's an some kind of trackpad for mouse control.

    The thing that caught my eye on the video was the scripted testimonials. Somehow you can always tell when someone is reciting what has been written out beforehand, rather than just speaking off the top of their heads.

    This device might be the greatest thing since sliced bread but these guys, especially the self-important sounding guy at the beginning were just too unintentionally funny!

  2. impressive indeed. Hope the price point's right, who needs a tablet or a netbook when you could get this (unless this happens to be ridiculously expensive… in which case – I guess I need a tablet or a netbook…)

  3. This thing definitely bears a lot of potential. If it's powered well enough for gaming, it can certainly handle modern DAWs. I could see this replacing the typical laptop in a live rig, no problem. Keeping my eye out for it, no doubt.

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