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What’s coming in NanoStudio and What’s Coming in NanoStudio

Even more to look forward to with 1.13 of NanoStudio, and then 1.2 coming along too. Here’s what the Blipinteractive site says:

The iPhone version has just been submitted so hopefully it’ll be available around the 10th of February. Here’s the feature list:

  • Support for Core MIDI using the Camera Connection Kit (iPad only)
  • Added MIDI thru for Akai SynthStation 25 (NanoStudio will respond to MIDI events received via the SynthStation’s USB MIDI port)
  • New Line 6 MIDI Mobilizer library
  • OSX version has improved MIDI input parser (fixes stuck note problem with some MIDI controllers)
  • Eden pan/filter modulation bug fixes

V1.2 is still work in progress – that will bring new insert effects, an extra bank of TRG samples, offline sample processing using effects and a load of other bits and pieces. V1.2 has been taking some time though so V1.13 brings forward a few things that people have been asking for – mainly Core MIDI.

As with the last update quite a lot of the changes are specific to the iPod/iPhone/iPad version, but I’d be grateful if you do get the chance to try it out since it gives the 1.13 version some extra testing, and I always have the chance to update the iPhone version and resubmit if someone finds a problem.

NanoStudio - Blip Interactive Ltd

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Forum seems to be back for now

Sorry about the problems, they were out of my control. Hopefully things will get a bit smoother soon.

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8mm Vintage Camera updated

Now with projector sounds too. A good update to a good video app.

8mm Vintage Camera - Nexvio Inc.

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1 comment on “iPad’s 1st Anniversary (of the launch)”

iPad’s 1st Anniversary (of the launch)

I guess I didn’t really get it into my head what the impact had been of the device. Quite amazing really. Via Mashable.

iPads at the Apple Store

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Chordbot supporting AudioCopy

Great news for users of Chordbot, it now joins the many apps that are supporting Sonoma’s AudioCopy. I haven’t tried Chordbot as yet, but I hope to soon.

Meant to add, thanks to Miki Strange for pointing this out to me.

Chordbot - Lars Careliusson

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Dirty Electronics at the ICA

Fantastic event at the ICA in Feb. Here are the details:

The composer and instrument maker John Richards takes up temporary residence in the gallery with Solder and Score, a unique participation opportunity for visitors to the ICA. Over the course of five days workshop attendees will build a large patchwork quilt-like instrument and co-write a musical score with John, culminating in a group performance and auction. Referring to his process as Dirty Electronics, Richards conjures electronic phenomena at odds to those found in today’s mass produced digital culture and utilises characteristics such as designer trash, hand-made, ready-made, hacked, bent, fedback and kitsch in the process.

For Live Weekends: Notation and Interpretation, the proposed workshops will immerse attendees in the interplay between process and performance beginning on the workbench, co-devising the modules that will form the ‘instrument’ and then extending onto the stage. The workshops will be informed by a musical score written especially for Dirty Electronics by sound artist Nicholas Bullen (founder member of Napalm Death and Scorn and a frequent collaborator with artist Mark Titchner).

Workshops take place daily 16-18 February and are free entry, all ages welcome. On Sunday 20 February the sessions conclude with an open afternoon of performances followed by an instrument auction.

I’ve just phoned the ICA and the Saturday workshop is fully booked 🙁

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5 comments on “Forum down, I don’t know why!”

Forum down, I don’t know why!

The vanilla forum appears to be down. No idea why that is, but when I find out what’s wrong I’ll let you know.

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TouchOSC Template for MainStage

I got an email from Breno Ronchini who writes app reviews for MusicApps.com.br. He’s created a template for TouchOSC in order to control MainStage.

Here are the links for the template and the OSCulator MIDI mapping.

Thanks Breno!

If you don’t know TouchOSC, then check it out at the app store
TouchOSC - hexler

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2 comments on “Google not happy with Android sales”

Google not happy with Android sales

Appleinsider has this story about Google planning to address some of the issues currently faced by the Android marketplace, and some of their ideas are very good I think, especially their plan to ‘weed out’ apps that violate their terms etc.

For me though, the biggest problem is discovery. Sites like AppBrain really help a lot, but Google need to do more to help people discover apps in the market. Anyway, I guess it is a step in the right direction.

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More on MIDEM Music Hack Day

Some interesting stuff from the MIDEM Music Hack Day, via Evolver.fm.

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