Developer interest rising in Android tablets

Gadgetlab reports on a recent survey of developer interests. The results are quite interesting. With the number of new Android tablets coming up we might see a lot more apps in the marketplace.

Let’s hope there’s more music apps on the way as part of that. Clip to Evernote


  1. With the Java lawsuit I think there is going to be problems with Android. Either Google is going to have to give up a ton of money (easy) or remove the Java code they stole which I hear is 40% – 60% of the android “operating system”. Probibly both so anything programed now will have to make it's money and be reprogramed later to work under the new core code.

  2. From the article you linked: “The files in question do appear to be test files”

    “Java code they stole which I hear is 40%-60% of the android 'operating system'” = FUD

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