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27 thoughts on “Amidio at MIDEM: LoopJ Presentation”

  1. I was waiting to see a demonstration but just got several minutes of business talk combined with the usual sort of overblown claims that are so common with apps.
    Unfortunately the most profitable business model for app developers seems to be the production of new apps (which are often just repackaged versions of exisiting programs; a looper, mixer, synth, drum machine etc) – rather than updating and improving their existing lines.


  2. It was Sunday 10AM and it was supposed to be business talk (kinda) because of the whole way MIDEM is supposed to work.

    The point is in assembling the tracks on the fly, from different artists, always in seamless foolproof mixes.


  3. “The point is in assembling the tracks on the fly,”
    Sorry but, THE POINT IS that Amido is CRAP!
    Nothing new, nothing inspirational, simply NOTHING!
    Yet another DJ App? Hello, how many of them do we need?
    What next Amido? Fart App I guess….


  4. One of the questions was why not just the ability to take MP3s for the casual user.

    That is what I would rather do. MP3/wav import. Because maybe I want to mix my own music on the fly and not licensed zips.


  5. The other thing is: if music making is so “easy” these days – tons of royalty-free loop apps – why are we still remixing other artists.

    That's it! An app that takes *your own* work and remixes on the fly.



  6. Everyone is entitled to have their opinion here and everyone is able to post a comment as anonymous commenting is still switched on, but I do think that we should get some perspective.

    It seems to me that certain developers including Amidio get a lot of grief here and I don't think it is fair at all.

    I have no problem with someone making their issues clear with a product or developer, but let's not resort to name calling!

    Just to be clear, I'm not affiliated with Amidio in any way, nor with any developer for that matter.

    Palm Sounds is completely independent.

    I'd like it to be a place where users and developers can exchange views easily. Let's try and keep things civil.


  7. Does anyone know the initial sale price? (I didn't make it through the video)

    RE: The Office
    — thought it would be relevant. I wrote two songs for that show this year. And they were both done completely on my iphone 😉

    **of course that was possible because I was emulating really bad 80's casio keyboard beats,but that's bedsides the point. Without my mobile apps I wouldn't have been able to crank that job out (short notice)

    Amidio does get bashed a lot here.


  8. @Burg said:
    “Amido does get bashed a lot here”
    And justifiedbly so…
    Hey Toyo, How about creating DAW/Sequencing App for a change – I'm sure you are more than capable to do so 😉
    Over time you have created synth app, drum app, guitar app, but never app that would combine the lot.


  9. I don't understand why its seems to be okay to bash Amido. They have been strong developers for iOS since day 1 and have been constantly trying to push what's capable on a mobile device, and new ways to create music. If you don't like it, don't buy it. You don't need to bash it because they don't make the exact apps that you want. None of their apps are broken, they deliver what they promise, and try to find new ways to explore the mobile music scene.

    Why would they create a new DAW/sequencer? Nanostudio fills that void well, and maybe BM2 will whenever that comes out.

    I for one really enjoy seeing what Amido comes out with each time because I expect them to deliver a new way to experience and create music than currently exists.


  10. @building the station
    “Why would they create a new DAW/sequencer? Nanostudio fills that void well, and maybe BM2 will whenever that comes out.”
    …and there are no guitar, synth, drum or DJ apps..?
    I wish I had a buck for every new guitar, synth, drum or DJ app released 😉
    On the other hand, there are very few quality sequencer apps out there and there is definitely room for one more…


  11. Hi everyone,

    I guess I wasn't too specific on the distinctive LoopJ features.

    I really want to make the music interactive.

    These are the things that can be done with LoopJ:

    1) You are defining the track structure & build in realtime, the track is not static

    2) You can take beat from one track and bass from other

    3) You can apply selective FX (to beat only for example)

    These are the things impossible with usual MP3 mixing.

    Moreover, the tracks are always in sync, completely fool-proof.

    And I really want every musician to try & convert at least one of his track to this new .loopj format and see for himself, how cool is that.

    That's easy, and the basic version of LoopJ for musicians (without any in-app purchases) will be free.

    You only have to prepare the loops and you can make the actual track structure right on the iPad/iPhone.

    We are planning to submit the free version of LoopJ to the store the next week, and if you want to try and make a .loopj track that will go bundled with that app, contact me at @AmidioInc (twitter)


  12. Upd: Loopj assumes there are 5 layers : bass, beat, lead, atmo, rest – each layer has 4 loops – 20 loops in total per track – and this is a really powerful and expandable system.


  13. Interesting..

    step sequencer for all layers, or can we go off the grid?

    Can you record FX automation, or is it restricted to live control?

    Could be cool. To be honest, IMO letting the masses partake in remixing is a bit of a solution in search of a need, though. It works in some restricted settings – for example nin has a lot of music-making fans, so when they release track stems, the fans get engaged. But I think for the more general public, people will play with the effects a bit and get bored kindof quickly.

    Just my 2 cents… as long as it's a good music-making app I'm happy.


  14. I am against the polution of fora/blogs by bashing and namecalling that always end with comments about spelling.
    (And the worst is when people start using or suspecting
    sarcasm.) 🙂
    My experience with Amidio,
    was my first 10,- dollar app, crashed every time I selected a file, what was left was listening/playing presets,
    send emails, posted questions, no reply in any form.
    Read online this problem was known/reported for a year already,
    So I left it alone and did all further communication with apple.


  15. @ Annon “And justifiedbly so…”

    I guess I'm a loyalist in a snse. I don't use their apps too much, but I remember when noise pro first came out … I was just blown away. Actually I used that last night for some wooshy/airy sounds.

    RE: The office – I'm afraid it would be a pretty dull interview. If you get a chance to hear the music I think you would agree that the word “composition” does not apply to the sounds created for that one. But I made on the subway on my iphone! Just thought it was cool to mention on this site that a little program like BM helped me in a big way.

    avi file here 1d0gux


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