So what’s new in the Line6 firmware?

I read this tweet from David Wallin about the new Line6 firmware. So what is it that’s new and why is it that’s so good?

The new MIDI mobilizer firmware fixed some really important bugs.

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  1. They added support for realtime messages, such as MIDI clock, which is great.

    Not sure what bugs Dave found that they fixed, but always good to hear they've been fixed.

    The bad news is they are sticking with their own API and not moving over to CoreMIDI, so devs will still have to support their unique SDK, sign their agreement, and get them as well as Apple to approve every app. I actually like their API better than CoreMIDI's, but it is very different and I am not really interested in supporting two different APIs, each with its own quirks, each which need to be kept up to date and can break in various fashions with every OS update, for every app I release. Oh well.

  2. Apparently, there is no way to port their hardware to CoreMIDI. It requires a separate chipset. Oh well. I do like their MIDI parsing library, that comes with their SDK. That's something that CoreMIDI doesn't have.

  3. What's up with the fact that iConnect MIDI says their interface is something like 10X faster than the Line 6 unit?

  4. It's probably the same reason per the different chip set. As with the CCK, devices show up under USB, where developers using the EAF is otherwise (serial?). The data transfer is not guaranteed.

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