iPad Recording – Stairway to Heaven

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  1. That was excellent, but it shows that it is advantageous to have one device as your record device and the other as your sound source. This removes the need to do all sorts of crazy audio copy and pastes between apps.

    No matter, it was a really nice recording!

  2. Not really my taste but technically, quite a tour de force.

    Ill have to give igog another look. I was wary cause of the reviewer complaints re latency.

    That was some deft iguitaring with the smooth solo/chord switching… haven't seen someone pull that off before.

  3. Great one, it made me go back to iGog too. I really dig the expressiveness with all the iInstruments used, Inrock is really good with Thumbjam, I tend to watch and learn a lot every time one of his videos (always well shot by the way) is out. The bad thing with this video is that I'm just even more after an iPad, or more realistically money wise, after damn Apple offering the camera kit on the smaller iDevices!

  4. Thumbjam and iGog fitted the song very well. iGog has great potential as a live instrument but you need to customize the pads and then spend the time to practice until you can do it properly. There was really no need for all the overdubs in this clip – the drum pattern is not complicated, its just bass snare and hi-hat and an occasional crash. To show you what I mean have a look at this instruction video from Brandon Murphy. This sort of approach should work for iGog.

  5. How do the drums in iGog compare with “Drums!” ? Better/worse (in your opinion – if you have both)?

  6. If you are after a drum sound that emulates traditional rock kits then iGog is by far the best app available. It has far more customizable options and drum sounds.

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