Seline for iPhone price drop

Seline for iPhone has dropped in priced to $1.99.

Seline™ Music Instrument - Amidio Inc. Clip to Evernote


  1. I bought it and discovered that it supports copy/paste.
    This one is not specified in features!
    I'm very glad!
    Now I started to think about synth.
    There is no copy/paste in features list but maybe it's there.
    Anybody knows?

  2. sold! been waiting for a ahwile to get this because I've been disappointed by every other amidio app I've bought, but that price is too good to pass up. I have a show tonight, maybe I will mix it in!

  3. just bought it. Dumb question – is their a way to modify the chord progression of the background textures/pads?

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