New Cydia Feature makes jailbreaking less painful

I found this at TUAW. They said it made jailbreaking easier, but I think it makes it less painful when you need to reinstall stuff.

Anyway, good to see the jailbreak community continue to develop. My 3G is still jailbroken and I like it that way. Clip to Evernote


  1. may try it just to get flash on my ipad. was a pain trying to get 5 live to work on my ipad whilst in the bath. had to download talk sport instead which wasnt the same. I think flash is the only thing that would probably stop me from getting iphone 5 if i can afford it in august. No doubt HTC will give me another reason to stay with them as well.

  2. i agree great to see the jailbrak community developing, i love jailbreaking so i can try apps before purchasing and because of quickdo (onscreen home/sleep button)

  3. Cheers johnnyg0

    Will check it out. I should know this but. Will jail braking mess any game saves or app settings. I've jail broken my iPod before but that was months ago.

  4. @Dj Agent M

    The only problem I have with my jailbroken device is that Itunes can't see the icons right when its connected. But that's because I have installed something that lets me have 5 icons per rows, and Itunes wants to see 4 max.

    But no problems with apps settings and game saves. Even better, I think its possibleto make a backup of those settings with file access on a jailbroken device (but I haven't done that yet myself).

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