iTunes and Safari to Merge?

Got this rumour from Hypebot but it does sound a bit odd.

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  1. It's highly plausible. Although it would be quite a disruptive move for the tech heads, it could be quite convenient for real users. The iTunes Music Store and App Stores are already pretty much web front-ends anyway.

    The browser vendors are deeply involved in a cold war struggle of HTML5+ feature combat right now and Apple would really like to see Safari rise about its current weak market share. They must be galled that Chrome shot past them so quickly easily (helped by the fact that normal folk strongly associate Google with the web).

    Plus, Safari, iTunes and QuickTime have been exploited as bundled installs for each other before (at much user annoyance). However, tightly coupling the two together will exploit the huge iOS existing market share and be quite convenient.

    BTW, be careful googling for “safari penetration” with safe search off! 😮

    The technology world is really strange, fast paced and unpredictable these days so it'll certainly be interesting to watch.

    (Posted from Safari which is my general misc browser, whilst Chrome is my “work” browser, by the way.)

  2. If they do, its performance must be much better than the current iTunes. iTunes would always hang or freeze for minutes on my system,.. until I got a quad-core with 8gigs of ram.
    My previous 3ghz machine with 4 gigs of ram was always choking when iTunes was open.

  3. Noooooo… I already resent having to use iTunes at all! Force me to install a browser I don't want alongside it and I'll be left with no choice other than to jailbreak and escape iTunes forever. I love my IOS devices – I don't love Apple.

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