5 comments on “New Cydia Feature makes jailbreaking less painful”

New Cydia Feature makes jailbreaking less painful

I found this at TUAW. They said it made jailbreaking easier, but I think it makes it less painful when you need to reinstall stuff.

Anyway, good to see the jailbreak community continue to develop. My 3G is still jailbroken and I like it that way.

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0 comments on “Inception app updated”

Inception app updated

Another update for the Inception app. This time around it gets the airport dream and a new secret. Anyone know what it is?

I also noticed that this app is now 112mb in size which is huge!

Inception - The App - Remote Control Productions

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3 comments on “MIDI Remote”

MIDI Remote

MIDI Remote is a simple and inexpensive wireless MIDI Remote Keyboard Controller using built-in CoreMIDI functionality over your WiFi network. No additional software needs to be downloaded or installed on anything.

  1. Setup a Network Midi Session on your Macintosh Computer (Audio/Midi Setup on your computer.)
  2. Enter your computer name into the Midi Remote Settings Info Pane on your iOS Device.
  3. Press Connect.

Universal App for all your iOS Devices and is priced at $0.99

MIDI Remote - Maui Media Lab

iPads at the Apple Store

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5 comments on “Pro Music Audio reviews RicePad”

Pro Music Audio reviews RicePad

Read it here.

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Another new free controller app today. Not much info on it though:

Pad MIDI provides several MIDI pads for iPhone/iPad

  • Supports native Mac OS Network MIDI (Core MIDI)
  • 16 assignable / renameable MIDI pads
  • Full 88 key piano
  • Selectable MIDI channel and velocity

Pad MIDI - Onoko International Limited

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0 comments on “Konkreet Performer facebook page”

Konkreet Performer facebook page

If you’re interested in becoming a facebook fan of Konkreet Performer, click here.

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9 comments on “Another week and no BM2”

Another week and no BM2

Is there more news from Intua? The last thing I could find was about 2 bugs but that was last Thursday. Nothing since though.

Anyone know different?

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3 comments on “Control (OSC + MIDI)”

Control (OSC + MIDI)

Another controller app for the iOS world, but free and also has some interesting features to it:

Control enables users to create their own interfaces for controlling musical, artistic and virtual reality applications. It is built on top of Apple’s WebKit rendering engine and allows users to define their interfaces via JSON files. Features include:

  • Outputs both Wireless MIDI and Open Sound Control (OSC)
  • Reads Accelerometer, Gyro and Compass sensors (on applicable devices) with adjustable update rates
  • The ability to script behaviors for widgets using JavaScript
  • Auto-discovery of wireless networks via Bonjour
  • Interfaces can be pushed to the phone via OSC or downloaded from the web
  • Supports both portrait and landscape interface orientations
  • Interfaces work on both iPhones and iPads
  • Free

Control (OSC + MIDI) - One More Muse

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3 comments on “App Store Surpasses 10 Billion Downloads”

App Store Surpasses 10 Billion Downloads

That is a really big number and very impressive indeed. No word as yet on who is the lucky winner of the $10,000 iTunes gift.

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2 comments on “More news from Amidio”

More news from Amidio

According to this tweet yesterday:

Touch DJ Evolution will come out in March as universal binary.

Which is great to hear as I know a few people have been wondering about what was going to happen next to Touch DJ.

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