IOS 4.3b1 on iPhone with multitasking gestures and lock/mute switch

Everyone’s saying that these aren’t actually coming in 4.3, but who knows really? My guess in that new gestures could be good for music tech. Any devs want to give a view, or is it under NDA still? Clip to Evernote


  1. Since music apps had the opportunity to use any kind of gesture since the beginning, even create their own ones, I don't think those new UI gestures will add more possibilities to IOS.

    I'm more worried they could interfere with some apps.

  2. @Anonymous

    I know there's going to be a way to turn it off. I'm just wondering if they'll find a way to have both working together in harmony.

    On another hand, I'm still looking for a way to turn on the home button double tap volume slider menu. Man that volume menu was so handy, and then Apple removed it..

  3. I think the multi-tasking gestures are ridiculous on the iPhone. Perhaps they make more sense on the iPad where you have to use two hands anyway, and you have a much bigger screen to swipe across.

    I would be very surprised if these made it to a general release. Just too clumsy for Apple. Look how many mistakes the guy makes in the video.

    They will, of course, interfere with any music app trying to do multi-touch polyphony. Not too many other classes of apps use more than two touches.

  4. I do like the idea of being able to switch apps without clicking the noisy home button as it annoys my other half at midnight when I'm trying to bleep and she is trying to sleep ๐Ÿ™‚

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