NAMM 2011: – Fairlight CMI30A iPad APP

Another video on the Fairlight app. I’m guessing were going to see lots of these in the run up to the actual launch.

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  1. I wondered what the fuss was about. Till I checked a video with quincy Jones and Herbie Hancock in the studio making a beat. I have enough synths I guess and for $50 is a bit steep. How much is it without the 3d waveform??

  2. Yea…lol
    It's like 4th vid with it and they always show the stupid 3d waveform…
    Oldboys with GAS will buy that to impress their friends…

  3. Oldboy's friends already know what it is….so impression is'nt a factor. It'll be more like “I wonder if it will do…this.”
    A more thorough video is needed.

  4. 50 AUD not USD!

    25 Euros approx

    getting better now 🙂

    I think the waveform is a gimmick, because if you are pairing the iPad with a keyboard controller, you're not going to want to rotate the thing!

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