“Don’t Speak” live on OMGuitar (iPad)

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  1. This video illustrates something about all the guitar apps out there at the moment. I looked at the video – cute singer with a decent voice accompanied by a nerd playing guitar on his ipad – and asked myself the question; is he simply not that good at guitar or is he OK and this is the best we can expect?I'm still unsure of the answer but I am fairly sure that even an average guitarist would have sounded far better accompanying the singer using a proper guitar. I could get around the fact that it looks completely dorky IF it had sounded better than a real guitar but it didn't even sound close (and I suspect that is nothing to do with the sample quality of the sounds, and more with the mechanics of how you play a real guitar). When you get away from the traditional guitar playing style (which I suspect a flat touch screen simply cannot emulate) and look at the approach of thumbjam you get a much more 'musical' experience.Maybe its just me who thinks this but I suspect this is a real limitation of the medium (I will couch this hypothesis with the reservation that I am a guitarist and see no such similar limitations towards the keyboard applications of ipad/iphone musical apps.)


  2. Very well said! No matter how good it looks or sounds you can not duplicate strings with a flat screen. I think it looks silly “pretending to play a guitar” with any kind of computer!


  3. Make it stop mummy please…….If you could code like that wouldn't you be making some funkdaddy beat smashig twisted audio midi sampler slicer sequencer oojamaflip with core midi and sonama ACP?


  4. Sigmund is right. That nerdy dude is not going to get to first base sliding his fingers over a cold flat screen. Its just not sensual. But give him a nice rosewood/cherry guitar with some bronze strings and she'll share her secrets with him.Even in the world of high-end studios, electronics have been successful at creating or triggering sampled keyboards and synthesizers, and even plucked/massed strings, percussion, and choirs. But guitar, sax, and some other instruments include so many sonic subtleties that software re-creations sound……well, silly.What makes this video unsettling is that it takes OMGuitar so darned seriously.This author has been removed by a post.


  5. … imagine the first time someone got up and played an electric guitar on stage … must have looked a little odd … its just that we are now all so used to it.my main problem with this video is it doesn't exactly suggest its easy to play this thing in time. the timing of the strums is pretty bad … is that the players fault or the issue with the medium?


  6. Even though I am an iPad fantic and unashamedly plug the thing night and day, as an 'average guitarist' myself, this makes me cringe. I have to agree with Sigmund, it looks awkward to play and doesn't sound right.I almost think it is better to have something like ThumbJam where it is less like playing a real guitar and doesn't always try to sound like one.There is an idea in the app that could be good for non-guitarists, but I'm not sure it works as it is.


  7. I got nothing against the app. I just think the video is cheesy but less cheesy than the other. The whole point of these app I thought was to be virtual instruments. Me suing off the iPad will never be as good as using my hardware because I need to be able to feel the decks etcI'm glad I have so many piano and synth apps as it helps me play chords better and has improved my piano skills. I'm not a guitarist at all so I can only hope that an app like this would help a complete novice like me. I'm not knocking what others have said just giving a view from someone who doesn't know much about how to play a guitar.But I can safely say the videos don't do the app any favours.


  8. @ Grumpy Tank”What makes this video so unsettling is that it takes OMGuitar so darned seriously.”I agree. They want the customer to believe that 15 bucks will get them the singing woman in a dimly lit room.They should have gotten Slash and stood him on a stack of Marshalls.


  9. Wait'll ya here my new brainstorm… The iBuckle. Yup. You mount a clip on the back of your iPad and a receiver for the clip on your favorite belt buckle. Now just slide the iPad along your belly until the clip and the receive meet up and continue to push until you hear a *click*.Your OMGuitar should already be launched so you can just start strumming while standing up. Folks with unusually generous bellies (read hangs low) may want to face the crowed at all times, or optionally wear a sign on your back explaining what your doing so onlookers know you're just jammin'away on your iPad and not something else…if you know what I mean. The new ibuckle also comes with a panic app that, when pressing the home button, hides OMGuitar and displays a genuine brass eagle photo transforming your iPad into a big-ass trucker belt buckle. Updates will include a ZZTop edition that spins.


  10. I noticed something about the video that answers my question in the first post. He is playing the ipad left handed (strumming with his left hand rather than right as most guitarists do) and looking at the comments on another of their videos it seems that it was designed that way since the developer is a keyboard player and it seemed more natural to play in that way to him. So he is not a guitarist. A real guitarist might have got a more realistic sound (strumming pattern, chord changes etc) but it is still questionable whether the time required to make yourself proficient at this app would really be worth it. As others have mentioned it might be OK for someone in a home studio setting who is not a guitarist but is interested in getting a guitar sound on one of their tracks but as a 'live' instrument having something that makes you look like you are fiddling away at your groin is not a brilliant selling point!


  11. Yes this is about as musical as you guys are funny.One other thing that's weird about this is that so much effort got put into the stage setup and lighting, but it sounds like it was recorded on ipod earbuds in the next room.


  12. The notion of using this app to replace a real guitar, in the hands of a capable guitarist is ludicrous. It's a great tool for someone like me, however, who is a drummer / knob twiddler, with no time or initiative to get a real guitar and study fingering. I know which chords I like, and now I don't have to bring in a guitarist in order to add some thick, distorted guitar washes to my product. THAT'S who it's good for. To try marketing it to trained guitarists is an obtuse notion. For me, it's awesome. It allows guitar into a solo effort, where it's been a blank spot on my tracks in the past.


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