Alesis StudioDock for the iPad

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  1. This indeed seems to be good value. I am especially pleased seeing as I have just ordered an iPad (unless it has been forward-engineered for iPad2 only – would be just my luck!)

  2. I have used many Alesis products (drum modules, mixers, sound processors, etc), and they do a great job of turning out quality, useful electronics at a fair price. Bravo!

  3. Johan – I can't find any confirmation one way or the other, but reading between the lines I would guess not, unfortunately. Not a deal breaker for me personally, but I can see it would be for some.
    We'll have to wait and see I suppose.

  4. Hmmm….audio out split into left and right channel….so in theory, this should mean I could stick a mono to stereo adapter on each output and use the dock as a stable / rugged output for all those DJ apps I'm trying to test?! The current options on splitting audio are pretty limited….the Yumatron splitter is OK but connectors are too close together and the Maplin option is crackly at best!

    Still looks worth a punt though with those MIDI connectors.

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