GrooveMaker Cool & Dre for iPad

GrooveMaker Cool & Dre for iPad

GrooveMaker® is THE app for creating non-stop electronic, dance and hip-hop tracks in real-time, by anyone, like a professional DJ.
Groove Out Loud! Millions of grooves at your fingertips.
And YOU are the DJ. Over 300 hi-quality loops included!

GrooveMaker Cool & Dre provides the elements for making ‘West Coast’ and ‘Dirty South’ style hip-hop beats for today’s radio and dance floor hit anthems and club-shakers. If you love the music from major hit record labels like Cash Money, Interscope and Def Jam, or the beats behind today’s super stars like Lil’ Wayne, Trey Songs, The Game, Mary J. Blige, and Nicki Minaj then you are going to love making beats with GrooveMaker Cool & Dre.

Straight from the source of this dynamic duo, these GrooveMaker Cool & Dre sounds will make it easy for you to cut hard-hitting records for the clubs. With GrooveMaker Cool & Dre, you’ll have your choice of an extensive arsenal of basses, drums and more to choose from – imagine a palette of room rumblers, 808-style subs, and a variety of 76-90 BPM style loops to pound heartbeats in the clubs. True to today’s style of gritty textured hip-hop, you’ll get dark synth leads, urban/ethnic percussion, and moving vocal hooks with lyrical melodies to vibe out to.

GrooveMaker gives you a completely new way of making music with loops. Thanks to our patented “groove generator” technology, you can automatically remix the hundreds of loops included (grouped into “songs”), on the 8 available tracks, in virtually limitless ways, all with one touch.

On the iPad, GrooveMaker’s features have been enhanced to a whole new level thanks to the larger multi-touch surface which is like having an integrated, advanced mixing controller built-in the app.

You will find a convenient mixer-like environment with large slider controls for volume, pan and master level with metering of the 8 loop tracks as well as additional controls such as tempo, solo, mute, and more, all available on the same screen.

The possibility of switching between grooves with just one touch or control the number of loops that are automatically combined during a mix, pushes the boundary of what you can achieve with GrooveMaker in a live situation and makes it an extremely powerful addition to any DJ’s set.

There are more additional GrooveMaker style packs available for every genre of club music and more — club, house, hip-hop, techno, trance, drum and bass, electro, rock, reggae, reggaeton and a FREE version to start making grooves right away!

GrooveMaker Cool & Dre features:

  • Instantaneous control over 8 stereo loop tracks
  • Play, Mix and Randomize loops on the fly
  • Combine studio-quality loops to produce a million possible grooves
  • Manipulate loops in real time (pan, volume, mute, solo, group, tempo)
  • Arrange grooves easily with drag and drop to create full-length tracks
  • Save, preview and recall you mixed tracks
  • Upload your tracks as hi-quality WAV file to your Mac/PC (Wi-Fi network required)
  • Interactive Help allows quick learning simply following the indicated steps

Included sound Features:

  • Massive loops library of drums, bass, bass-drums, lines, pads, percussion, effects
  • West Coast and Dirty South hip-hop style
  • 4 included songs + 1 FREE song when you register
  • 315 loops
  • 89-68.5-67-69-90 BPM
  • 355 MB of samples

The app is priced at $9.99

GrooveMaker Cool & Dre for iPad - IK Multimedia

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  1. Ikmultimedia obviously don't want to release an open version that loads user samples so they can resell locked content over and over.

    Anyone else get the felling that Ikmultimedia arn't about anything other than making money?

  2. @Matt Hooper

    “Ikmultimedia arn't about anything other than making money”

    The same could be about many other companies sadly..

  3. my kids like these apps.. makes 'em feel like they're super-cool dj's..

    why not make a universal app? an app that has all of the collections combined? something..

    I remember when looptastic was just a canned sample toy too.. it turned into quite an amazing mix tool with looptastic producer..

    meh.. I will say for freestyle rappers, for fill beats.. yeah I mean its only 8-10 bucks.. although I noticed this has been out for a few days with no reviews..

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