5 comments on “Teenage Engineering @ NAMM 2011 OP-1”

Teenage Engineering @ NAMM 2011 OP-1

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Big update for MIDI Touch

A big update for MIDI Touch. Here’s what’s New in Version 2.0:

  • Set a different theme for each control, not just globally
  • Horizontal sliders
  • Email presets straight from the app for sharing
  • Import presets from Mail, Dropbox, Safari, File Sharing apps, etc
  • Add multiple messages per control!
  • XY Controller now has Z component (Z is on when finger is on the control)
  • Option to change the control method for rotary knobs (vertical or circular)
  • Added fullscreen option when editing, so the whole screen can be properly used. Also prevents controls getting lost under the toolbars
  • Added arrow next to sliders when editing controls to select exact values from a list
  • Latch option for Drum Pads
  • Snap to background grid, and change grid size
  • Delete all presets option
  • Email support directly from within the app
  • Gestures (can be turning on or off for each individual control):
  • Sliders – use rail to jump to spot or fine tune
  • Rotary Knobs – double tap for centre, triple for full
  • XYZ Controller – two fingers to change Z value
  • Drum Pads – two options: higher = louder, or closer to centre = louder
  • See http://iosmidi.com/apps/midi-touch/midi-touch-control-gestures/ for more info.
  • Global fine tune: put a finger on the background (ie not on a control) to fine tune any control
  • Expanded size of labels under controls
  • When choosing a CC/Channel/Note, a blue dot indicates it is being used elsewhere in the control (note: this does not prevent choosing it again)
  • Change between display value modes: MIDI Number, % or Hex value
  • Added a switch next to each input/output in the devices menu to turn the input/output on/off
  • Added option to toggle label fading according to value
  • Creating overlapping controls now possible (when controls overlap, tapping a control will bring it to the top)
  • Added advanced section in controls to change when controls visually respond to inputs
  • Device will no longer dim screen/sleep when unused
  • WiFi will stay activated when using the app for extended periods of time
  • Added Kiosk mode (accessible via Settings app) for in store setups, trade shows etc. Be careful if you plan to use this feature as you can lock yourself out of important parts of the app!

Changes & Bugfixes:

  • Fixed bug that prevented buttons from latching properly
  • Changed font used to display values
  • DSMIDIWifi no longer automatically turns on when disconnecting devices
  • Changed layout of edit toolbar to allow for changes in the future
  • “No devices connected” flashing messages now disappears after short period rather than flashing indefinitely
  • Added warning when restoring default controllers
  • Increased size of devices window to accommodate longer device names & fixed a bug where products with long names would not display correctly
  • Fixed bug where a bright strip would appear on the screen when the in app brightness was dimmed and the device rotated
  • Fixed bug where XYZ controller would not display correct label in certain circumstances
  • Fixed various hanging note bugs on Drum Pads
  • Fixed a bug where editing grid would not display for Neon themes
  • Removed ‘Show Value’ for controls that don’t show values 🙂
  • Many other bug fixes, performance enhancements & visual tweaks

MIDI Touch - Domestic Cat

iPads at the Apple Store

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MIDI Voice Contoller updated

The app has been updated and now runs on the iPad and 3rd and 4th gen iPod Touches too.

The app is priced at $1.99

MIDI Voice Controller - Intelligent Gadgets

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17 comments on “OP-1 Ready for Production (check the price)”

OP-1 Ready for Production (check the price)

“OP-1 Newsletter #3, Jan 14, 2011


Finally. After more than two years of development the OP-1 is ready for production.

Initial supply will be limited. We now accept reservations at http://www.teenageengineering.com

Order now to make sure you get an OP-1 from the first production run. Manufacturing, assembly and shipping will be eight weeks.


The OP-1 is priced at $ 799 / Euro 799 (including EC-VAT).

We have got questions about the dollar versus euro price.
The apparently higher euro price is a consequence of that we are required to add sales tax on all sales to the european union.


We are in Hall A, Booth# 6409. The NAMM Show, Anaheim convention center in California. This is the place to try out an OP-1 for yourself. The show ends on Sunday.


Invitations has been sent out to the people selected for the Beta program.

We are exited to open up the sales of the OP-1 and are looking forward to hear what music you will create with our beloved synthesizer.

Thank you for signing up for the Teenage Engineering Newsletter.

Have a nice day.

-Teenage Engineering.”

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RGB boy gets bluetooth upgrade, wireless pro sound

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1 comment on “Korg Pandora Mini arrives”

Korg Pandora Mini arrives

The Korg Pandora Mini has some impressive specs. Via Gearwire.

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MIDI-IF for monotron

I think I still have a MIDI kit for a VL-1 unused somewhere! Anyway, this looks like a really good option for a Monotron.

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1 comment on “Pics of Omnishpere 1.5 at Volterock”

Pics of Omnishpere 1.5 at Volterock

Some really nice pics of the new Omnisphere 1.5 over at Volterock, and whils you’re visiting there’s a survey to fill in too.

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eBook Deal from Make

I tweeted this earlier today but thought you might have missed it, so here it is again. The link.

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Rhythm Core Alpha for Nintendo DSiWare European release date

“We’re going to release a new version of our advanced music creation system “Rhythm Core Alpha” for Nintendo DSiWare in Europe, the UK, and Australia on January 21st for 500 Nintendo Points.”

Via Synthtopia.

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