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  1. “$199…hard to beat that with a stick!”

    If you already own an iPad then this is a brilliant add-on. If not (like me), then you're going to be spending close to $700 to put this together.

    Realistically though, the target customer is someone who already owns the iPad and wants the hardware interface Akai is offering.

    I'm loving the Synthstation 25 (though not the small keyboard) and I think that this is a great move on Akai's behalf.

    The best news I've taken from the video though is that there's going to be an updated version of the Synthstation app for the iPhone as well.

  2. I like the station too
    but the akai app is realy bad
    nothing you do on it can be recorded exported
    or saved in any way
    you can do a great performance on it
    and when your done its gone

  3. @Anonymous

    It must be a Flash video..lately on my iPad I have noticed the blue plugin missing icon doesn't show up anymore to tell you something is not loading.

  4. I'm not really impressed with the synthstation or the synthstation 49. Seems like a waste to me. The app is horrible and the hardware seems like just another overpriced add-on. I bought the app and was very disappointed. Very weak in the sequencing department, no recordable knob movements, low BPMs, just overall a weak app. The sound is clear but boring because of the lack of automation. If akai makes a better app, I might care about this kind of hardware, but not at that price.

  5. @anon have you tried w nanostudio? Why bother getting frustrated with akais app when that's available?

  6. @above
    Yes, and nanostudio made buying the synthstation
    a good buy afterall.
    Bassicly nanostudio seems made for the synthstation
    more than akai's own app.
    and the synthstation hardware to me seems to be
    above averidge.
    the kobs and keys feel very good !
    its only the packaging that scares you at first
    because it sugests its a crappy toy
    which its not in my opinion

  7. I don't get frustrated with synthation anymore because I uninstalled it. I am not totally content with all the other apps available, but I have many of what I have read are the best apps (nanostudio, beatmaker, multitrack DAW, jasuto pro, thumbjam, bassline and many others). Synstation has a meager 16 beats a measure and you cannot access the x/y while modifying the osc's or any of the other synth parameters. The effects are ridiculously weak, and you have the option of effecting all tracks or no tracks with a singular effect (again no automation). No matter how you use this app you can only control one (2 if you want to include both parameters in x/y) section at a time, osc, x/y, pitch, ect. The sequencer is the worst because you cannot pan or automate the velocity. and even worst than that you cannot record on the fly, you have to sequence everything. There is no freaking record button.

    And how exactly is nanostudio made for synthstation?

    If someone can tell me how to use synthstation to record a track modifying the velocity throughout track while modifying osc 1, 2 and 3, and modifying the parameters of the phaser at the same time, I honestly may reconsider the usefulness of the app. IMO the very few ways that you can use this app (without spending a ridiculous amount of time modifying your recording in other apps, trying to do what nanostudio can do very easily) are not worth the effort.

  8. Nanostudio merely supports the use of Synthstation, your brain has avoided the word 'seems' (it seems)

    And get your hands off my kobs while you're there.

  9. There may be confusion between app and hardwear here. Wind your necks in you anonymous goons 😉

  10. This is really funny, I have no idea which anon I am talking to. its getting hard to figure out which anon is annoyed with me. I'll call myself anon 4 because I am the 4th anon post.

    …I got the whole seems thing, thats not the point. How to nannostudio seem to be made for synthstation? and how is it any better that just plugging in a 100$ m-audio 49 key (I paid 60$ for mine) or any other midi keyboard with midi you might already have?

  11. I'm not annoyed. Or annoymoyed. Or Annoymous.
    I agree, the synthstation offers no real advantage over a Midi interface & existing keyboard. I wouldn't buy one. I think I must have too much time on my hands to be even posting here. Maybe some other anonymous poster can enlighten us…

  12. If you read my whole comment
    all I said was that to me it seemed that
    nanostudio was made for synthstation more
    than akais app.

    meaning that in my opinion nanostudio works better
    on the hardware than akais synthstation

    give me some slack here
    englisch is not my language
    and skipped classes way too much

    dont take everything litterely and please notice
    that I type words like;”seems, feels,” etc. because I
    dont want to claim any truth for others.

  13. Your English is awesome bro. Learning a second language is hard.

    The synthstation 49 looks good I'll probably get one just for the sake of being able to use nanostudio on my iPad live with more ease.

    Yes I know it's not the most complex controller, and could certainly do with a few more parameter knobs, but even so,
    It does the trick. If you want more automation you can still use ableton live and just use the iPad as a sampler.

    That's what I do.

    Works great

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