Audition with iPad Guitar (OMGuitar)

OMGuitar™ Advanced Guitar Synth - Amidio Inc.

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  1. I'm already drunk …. now what??

    Oh yah, I got free Palm Zire Z72 special edition today 😀

    Bhajis Loops FTW!

  2. Well, this looks like it's going to work out pretty good. I was able to paste a sample from Nanostudio into iSequences sample browser with no problems.

    So, i want to make a bunch of samples with Sunvox this weekend and split the results between Nano and iSequence. Synth waves for the Edens and anything left over with more thump for iSequence.

    And, It sounds as though using the same kick on two tracks fattens the instrument w/o losing too much headroom. So maybe I'll try 4x ala FLA and use the remainder for doubling synth samples.

    I think this is going to be killer……:)

  3. That looks like Toyo all the way to the left. Can't really tell with the sunglasses and quick shots.

    I can't help but think that a different song would have been better, and some effects on the guitar.

    Overall though, the video was well put together!

  4. Darksound: I'm just drunk enough to find that hilarious now.

    And yeah, pretty sure that's toyo too…

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