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Firstly, thanks again for all your feedback and comments on the forum topic. Also thanks to the people who have emailed with suggestions and offers of help. I really really appreciate it and I will get back to you all soon. At the moment I’m looking at a variety of options. One that I’d like some feedback on is using Ning as a forum and social network for Palm Sounds. I’d like to hear your views especially if you use it elsewhere. Clip to Evernote


  1. I know this isn't what you've asked to hear..

    While amidio's suggestion in the other post was admirable (and the URL most apt indeed) I think it imperative to remain independent of any developer. Not only will this raise questions of impartiality on any of your opinions Ashley, but will inevitably also discourage other developers from throwing scoop info (and free app codes!) toward Palm Sounds in the future. This would be bad.

    Also be wary of offers for moderators and hosting.. be web-safe kids 😉

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