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OMGuitarâ„¢ Advanced Guitar Synth - Amidio Inc.

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  1. “Coming in updates:

    + More FX presets
    + More guitars
    + MIDI record/output”

    How can anyone release App like that without MIDI to begin with?!
    Oh, sorry I forgot – it is Amido ofcourse… 😉

  2. I love it, but the glaring omission is that you cannot save full guitar presets, e.g. “Classical acoustic w/ reverb set at X, delay set at X, etc.”

    You NEED to be able to save custom “load-outs”, if you will.

  3. Well ….. I'm icebound and stuck at home this week so I went ahead and bought this and I'm really glad I did. This will keep me from getting cabin for sure. I'm recording little guitar riffs and pasting them into any app that allows paste and having fun making accompaniments …. totally worth the $15 price tag.
    Thanks Amidio!

  4. -1 johnnyg0

    It must be nice to have all the answers when everyone is just so stupid. I must admit, I felt that way when I was fourteen, too. 🙂

    Anyway, good software developers work hard for the money they earn, so would it kill you to first read some reviews from other users in the App Store before you decide to take out a second mortgage and drop $15 bucks on a piece of new software for your iPad? Sheesh.

    Think of all the other things you spend $15 on, and how much enjoyment, etc. you get for your money— it's probably not nearly as good of a value half the time. These music app devs are playing to a niché market to begin with, so how about supporting their efforts a little and encouraging further development?

    Did Starbucks let you taste that latté before they sold it to you and charged you $8 for it with a cookie?

    I'm not by any means a software developer but I do work for a living and expect to get paid when I do. Enough said.

  5. Actually, there are some users who are trying to separate the working-man's apps from the bs apps. I don't expect to try-before-i-buy but a lot of reviews are written 2 minutes after the app is launched. “Oh my god!!! This is the best app ever!!! How many times have we read this?

    Musicians are working people too.

  6. That's a good point, Darksound, but many times, a blind man can tell the good apps from the bs apps by untested developers charging $4.99 for another poorly designed piano app. There are lots of tell-tale signs, and of course you have to read between the lines with those App Store reviews.

    Amido has a track record, though, just like Smule and many other iOS developers. I'm not a user of Smule apps, but I appreciate their design prowess and their wares clearly appeal to many people out there, just not to me.

    Form the looks of it, this app probably isn't for me, either, as I have much more fun with stuff like NlogSynth Pro, iSequence, the Korg apps, etc. If I downloaded a free copy of this, that's probably as far as it would go.

  7. The trouble is there's never a blind man when you need one:)

    In all seriousness though you make some good points as well, Robert. And I understand it's pretty easy to spot the underhanded developers.

    I think in the long run, though, I'd like for Apple to have a better filter for those apps in question.

  8. I just would advise to wait for the first update

    But they promised improvement
    and everyone deserves a second change

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