Thanks to John for bringing this to my attention! StudioDock from Alesis looks amazing!

  • The world’s first pro audio dock for iPad
  • Connect microphones and instruments including guitar, studio monitors, PA speakers, headphones, and MIDI controllers
  • Universal device works with virtually every audio and MIDI app in the App Store; Core MIDI compliant
  • Perform, craft, create and play back music in virtually any conceivable manner or location
  • Video output for connection to TVs and projectors
  • Inputs: two combo XLR-1/4″ for use with audio gear, instruments, and computer audio
  • Input channel gain controls and switchable phantom power for use with condenser microphones
  • Guitar-direct switch for use with amplifier- and effects-modeling app
  • Outputs: pair 1/4″ and 1/4″ headphone with separate volume controls
  • Control: MIDI In, MIDI Out, USB MIDI, and assignable 1/4-inch footswitch input

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  1. When the iPad was announced, one of my predictions was that docks for specialized applications would become available, with the specific example of a recording dock. Good to see that someone's finally made it happen!

    (The thing I predicted that hasn't happened: wireless cameras for video chatting. Everyone is apparently either content to use laptops/smart phones or wait for the next-gen iPad for that functionality.)

  2. @Mrs. Walker

    Anyway, this new device does look pretty rad, regardless of how much it costs. And after all, it's Alesis we're talking about here, not Moog. It should be priced reasonably.

    Now here's the really interesting bit…

    iOS just brought core MIDI a couple months ago, so was Alesis in on the loop? Also, if iPad 2 brings a design change, will this fit both models, or is it designed specifically for iPad 2 and Alesis WAS in the loop on iPad MIDI development from Apple?

  3. This looks to be exactly what I've been waiting for; a perfect fit for my traveling needs. Has anyone heard a price mentioned yet? The Alesis web site is no help (other an making me want it more).

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