OMGuitar: iPad guitar from Amidio

When Amidio asked me if I’d like to try out their new iPad guitar app OMGuitar I said yes straight away. The reason I said yes was because I knew that Amidio would bring something new to the iPad and something that I couldn’t have expected, and I was right.

I know that Amidio come in for a lot of criticism, but I’d like to say in their defence that they have brought us some amazing apps since the app store launched, and they’ve brought a lot of innovation into the iOS market, apps like Noise.IO, Hexatone, Star Melody and not forgetting ioLibrary.

Anyway, all that having been said, let’s move on to what I think about OMGuitar.

Whilst I said yes to taking a look at the app, I was a little skeptical about about it. Whilst I don’t mind guitar apps I think there’s only a few really successful ones. I have my own favourites on the iPhone but haven’t found one that I really like on the iPad so far. Hence my skepticism.

Amidio gave me a beta version of their app and I spent several hours playing with it over the weekend. Initially I found the layout a little confusing but as I played with it as an instrument I started to find that it is actually very expressive. The fretboard part of the interface allows a lot of control and variation of sound depending on where and how you use it. It gives you a lot of  performance capability and variation.

The guitars in the app all sound fine to me. Good, rich and full sounds. But what I really liked were the FX with the exception of the distortion. Aside from that the FX in the app were a lot of fun to play with. I especially liked the delay, chorus and flanger. I do like combining effects on guitars and I was able to get some really nice sounds out of this app.

But what really had me using this for several hours was how the interface lets you work. It is difficult to describe, but if you’ve seen the videos of OMGuitar you can see that the right hand is used to set the chord and the left hand is left to strum or pick or whatever. This works really well on the iPad and although it took a a little while to get used to I quite soon found it a very comfortable way to play the instrument.

So I overcame my initial skepticism with this app and ended up liking it a lot, to the extent that I found myself starting to write a piece with it.

I would certainly say that when OMGuitar comes out it will be worth taking a look at. I don’t know what price point it will arrive at, but I don’t think we’ve got long to wait.

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13 thoughts on “OMGuitar: iPad guitar from Amidio”

  1. Yeah, abandoned… sadly that's true…
    I am a fan of their readiness and creativity to go new ways and for this reason I love Touch DJ, Hexatone and Seline and I guess OMGuitar, too…
    even if the apps could often need –
    on the technical front – finetuning and an update,
    BUT it is also true that they won't reply on e-mails and their update cycle is unacceptable long or just not existing.

    And I guess that most of the criticism for Amidio is just a reflection of their lack of esteem for customers and their own apps – to value this criticism as a means to evolve and not to ignore the ones they are creating the apps for…
    customers – not money & ego…


  2. Thank you for the fantastic review Ashley,

    I can say that we're going to introduce several more distortion algorhythms in the very first update to OMGuitar, but the existing ones also sound quite nice in the mix, especially if EQ them in the app.

    As for our other apps, this year at some point we will stop developing new apps and will completely focus on improving existing ones.

    They are absolutely not abandoned.

    I just really need to implement several more ideas that I have as quickly I possible. I am talking about the ideas that can possibly change the whole scene.

    With every app, Amidio is gaining a lot of experience, and this will make the updates for the apps much better in every way.

    BTW we will soon launch “”. I propose it to become the forum that was discussed it the previous thread.


  3. WaveReign is our “final” app, which takes all our knowledge & technologies. We're still keen on making it, we are just waiting for the next-gen iOS devices because current devices cannot do what we want them to.. (speaking of this particular app)


  4. $15? How many chords and will it do alternate tunings?

    If it's a guitar synth will it do the old Synclavier stuff (the horn and harmonica, in particular) or the Roland GR, they sound about the same.

    Also, will it do ebow style long sustain? I can get pretty close to that sound with the eden synth in Nano (the synth ax). Very warm.


  5. Toyo, as an artist I do understand the the urge to
    create new things aposed to working out existing ones.
    But whats left of an idea that doesnt work as you intended?

    Oke apps are not abandoned
    but when something is untouched for a long time it appears to be.
    When I download an app in 2011 that shuts down when touching a button and read that problem exists since 2009
    and get no replies it feels pretty abandoned to me.


  6. @Anonymous
    “it's just that the apps are produced and abandoned.”

    This is so true.. the music market is saturated. I'm drowning in apps, plugins and instruments (both real and virtual), I try a lot of them, but really only use a fraction of them. I only have ten fingers 🙂


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