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  1. Anyone try this? I don't speak Portuguese so I am not really sure what is going on. Can a USB midi keyboard be used with the iMS-20 easily? I'm trying to decide if I want to buy nlog pro or iMS-20.

  2. The price of the iMS going to increase significantly if that helps with your decision at all.

    I have not yet used midi with the korg as my head has been stuck in Nanostudio and Multitrack.

  3. thanks I went ahead and bought ims-20. I also use nanostudio and multitrack DAW (and many others), but I want to experiment with my other midi devices and my ipad. Anyway I will probably will buy nlog at some point, one problem is I dont like apps that are not universal. I hate buying an app for my iphone and then another for my ipad because the pro version has more features and wont run on the iphone. when I have an app decision I almost always pick the universal app. sorry nlog.

    I tried my line 6 midi mobilizer with nanostudio and it did not work great, but it worked. With the iMS-20 it obviously did not work with the midi mobilizer (because korg hates me), but I have issue with korgs apps in general. I am probably going to end up buying the camera connection kit soon so I will do my experiments then. My most regretted app purchase is spending 19.99 on ielectribe. I passionately hate the ielectribe. I have lots of korg hardware that I absolutely love, I wish korg would bridge the gap between their awesome hardware and their crazy horrible non user friendly ios apps.

  4. I don't care for the electribe series either. I bought the es-1 years ago and never came to grips with the layout. Just too unituative for the way I was playing. I didn't buy the ielectribe for that reason.

    The iMS, however, is more traditional Korg. The sounds you'll coax out will more than make up for it's midi shortcomings:)

  5. Hello! It's Marcus from MusicApps.com.br

    Yes, you can use the iMS-20 with any MIDI keyboard controller since it works with the camera connection kit and the iPad.

    Usually the controllers which don't need a special driver to work on your PC/Mac will work fine with the iPad. On the video I used a synth that has a AC power supply, if your controller doesn't have one you'll probably need a USB powered hub to make it work with the iPad.

    Hope this helps…

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