“Do we need a forum?” and other questions

The whole issue of a forum for palm sounds has been on my mind for a while. So thought I'd pose the question.

A few people have raised this over the last few months saying that a forum would be a good idea but I'd like to get a wider view now. Not just on whether you think it would be a good idea for palm sounds to have a forum but what else would you want to see added to the blog or indeed taken away.

There's lots of things that we could do or include but I don't want to over complicate things either.

So there's two real questions here. Why would you want a forum given there are so many available at developer sites, and what else do you want added or taken away or changed?

I'm really interested in your views.

33 thoughts on ““Do we need a forum?” and other questions”

  1. i think YES! WE NEED REAL FORUM

    because this blog is only good !centralized! place for all mobilemusicmakers…

    people on usual musician sites hate “us” – and vst-fanatics, and hardware people


  2. A forum would generate a wider variety of topics and could be used to hash out certain problems or show different ways of using favorite apps.

    Also topics of interest could potentially stay active longer without getting lost in the archives.


  3. I think a Palm Sounds forum is a great idea, although you're right…most app developers and music making companies have their own forums for more focused and product-centric views. But hopefully a Palm Sounds forum would provide a more generalised discussion area.

    …actually…ditto what Darksound said, much better conveyed than my rambling!


  4. A forum is a great idea.

    What would be great also is a developer forum for discussion on iOS audio midi coding for beginners and advanced users.

    Also devs could monitor what apps people would like to so, let's face it devs need ideas especially with so many repetitions of the same apps, we need fresh ideas.


  5. I think a forum would be nice, mainly because developer sites have specific agendas. Like adding a featue to a product.however if you want to talk on a developers site about another app or product that has little or nothing to do directly with them, sometime you get ignored because they are busy working on there own products. For example I posted on the nano studio site about features I would like to see, and included details about how the drum machine needed improvement (comparing nano studio drum machine to beatmaker) and the developers basically said just go buy beatmaker…. Sort of not really helpful because I already own beat maker. Anyway my point is it's nice to have a perspective from musicians that don't have a app development agenda, rather just a music making agenda. Anyway I say a forum would be cool.

    Also just a thought, I really like disqus lately. I've been seeing it on many sites and I like the implementation of using other social networks to make posts. I like what is here currently, but I prefer disqus.


  6. A forum would be a great, central spot to talk about mobile music stuff.

    I'd like for your blog to have a more evaluative tone. What apps are really great? Which aren't so great? If writing extended reviews doesn't appeal to you, you could solicit extended reviews from your more passionate readers. App store reviews tend to not give a very good impression of an app unless it is deeply flawed or nearly perfect.



  7. I agree, it's about time someone made a forum for mobile music software/hardware. FluxBB is a really great piece of forum software, if you're wondering what to use.


  8. I think to have a decent one would mean people to moderate the forum properly. Somewhere between this and a forum would be good. I'd be happy with a new way of logging in to comment lol
    I do think it would be good idea though.


  9. it's a great idea! I've followed the blog a couple of months now and was hoping to see someplace where you could engage in discussions about mobile music.



  10. I agree with everyone that a forum is needed and for all the reasons already posted but I would also like to add that I would like to see a topic section for those needing some help with their “creation dilemmas” … ya know … kinda a post a question and hope someone will answer it ….. AND ….. maybe a “Tutorial” section …. I know I could sure use a few tutorials now and then 🙂


  11. I also would like a Forum here since it could provide different perspectives on topics.

    What I am missing (either in the Blog or in a Forum): Comparisons of apps with a similar purpose. E.g. Loop-Sequencers. What are the pros and cons of Rhythm Trax, Loopseque Mini and Looptastic Producer. (Support of Audio Copy & Paste, possibility to import samples via iTunes or similar ways.)

    On the other hand also best practises or workflows would interest me. I'm just starting to produce Music on my iPhone so I don't know which app would be best to edit samples for example.

    But all of those topics would IMHO be even more helpful, if everyone can share his or her opinion or experiences.


  12. +1 in favour. I increasingly find myself hanging around here, although it's all detracting from actually making music.. I'd feel a lost without PalmSounds now though.
    You have helped me kick the nicotine habit! (that's also my excuse for contentious commenting… Sorry all!)


  13. There was already a forum here like somebody else said. I think to make the forum work it needs to be a separate entity from the blog. This would require a different domain name and different setup.

    Maybe Palm Sounds News and Palm Sounds Forum.


  14. I disagree about it being separate entity. I think that's why the other forum didn't take off…unless it has, I haven't checked recently(!) I come here and enjoy the community that has gathered in the comments section. i think the forum should be wedded as closely as possible to the blog and try and build on the discussions that happen here.


  15. +1. A forum with topic areas (recording, songwriting, synth, drums, etc. If that gets to “spread out”, then can combine as one as long as everyone creates good titles.


  16. +1 forum, think it would provide a centralised and unbiased space to discuss mobile music tech, something that you cannot have on a developers/vendors forum.


  17. Actually now that formal has mentioned it, maybe there needs to be a forum separate from the blog. Also, calling it “Palm Sounds Forum” would probably be a big mistake since Palm devices are basically never used anymore. Maybe call it Mobile Music Production Forum or something?


  18. The main problem with updating the blog and forum is that Ashley is tied to the free blogger system. I know when I tried to upgrade my free forum service (lefora) there were no options to migrate previous posts to a different service. So to fully integrate something forum/blog it would have to be a total rewrite and this blog would then become an archive.

    I might be wrong about this, but that's the main issue I see.


  19. +1 on forum that is NOT on a developer site.
    As for the bog, I usually read it on my iPad using a feed reader that only shows headlines. If it's not too much trouble, could you put “VIDEO:” in front of posts that are just video?


  20. There are so many forums out there that I've had to narrow down my forum activity… I like blogs because they deliver information quickly and easily. But, I can see the advantages to having a forum but time will not allow me to participate unfortunately.


  21. It would be great to have a board where _every_ release is discussed (or at least posted). You could then dedicate the blog to more in-depth reviews.

    Close to what TouchArcade does for games.


  22. Actually the Touch Arcade model is a brilliant suggestion. As you can probably tell from my previous comment I don't really understand the logistics of these things! All I know is that Palm Sounds and Touch Arcade are daily resources for me.


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