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OMGuitar: iPad guitar from Amidio

When Amidio asked me if I’d like to try out their new iPad guitar app OMGuitar I said yes straight away. The reason I said yes was because I knew that Amidio would bring something new to the iPad and something that I couldn’t have expected, and I was right.

I know that Amidio come in for a lot of criticism, but I’d like to say in their defence that they have brought us some amazing apps since the app store launched, and they’ve brought a lot of innovation into the iOS market, apps like Noise.IO, Hexatone, Star Melody and not forgetting ioLibrary.

Anyway, all that having been said, let’s move on to what I think about OMGuitar.

Whilst I said yes to taking a look at the app, I was a little skeptical about about it. Whilst I don’t mind guitar apps I think there’s only a few really successful ones. I have my own favourites on the iPhone but haven’t found one that I really like on the iPad so far. Hence my skepticism.

Amidio gave me a beta version of their app and I spent several hours playing with it over the weekend. Initially I found the layout a little confusing but as I played with it as an instrument I started to find that it is actually very expressive. The fretboard part of the interface allows a lot of control and variation of sound depending on where and how you use it. It gives you a lot of  performance capability and variation.

The guitars in the app all sound fine to me. Good, rich and full sounds. But what I really liked were the FX with the exception of the distortion. Aside from that the FX in the app were a lot of fun to play with. I especially liked the delay, chorus and flanger. I do like combining effects on guitars and I was able to get some really nice sounds out of this app.

But what really had me using this for several hours was how the interface lets you work. It is difficult to describe, but if you’ve seen the videos of OMGuitar you can see that the right hand is used to set the chord and the left hand is left to strum or pick or whatever. This works really well on the iPad and although it took a a little while to get used to I quite soon found it a very comfortable way to play the instrument.

So I overcame my initial skepticism with this app and ended up liking it a lot, to the extent that I found myself starting to write a piece with it.

I would certainly say that when OMGuitar comes out it will be worth taking a look at. I don’t know what price point it will arrive at, but I don’t think we’ve got long to wait.

iPads at the Apple Store

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33 comments on “"Do we need a forum?" and other questions”

"Do we need a forum?" and other questions

The whole issue of a forum for palm sounds has been on my mind for a while. So thought I'd pose the question.

A few people have raised this over the last few months saying that a forum would be a good idea but I'd like to get a wider view now. Not just on whether you think it would be a good idea for palm sounds to have a forum but what else would you want to see added to the blog or indeed taken away.

There's lots of things that we could do or include but I don't want to over complicate things either.

So there's two real questions here. Why would you want a forum given there are so many available at developer sites, and what else do you want added or taken away or changed?

I'm really interested in your views.

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Playing Papa Sangre

I mentioned this game a while back as it described itself as a video game with no video, and that’s a good description. The game makes use of a 3D sound environment in which you play, and so far I think it works really well.

Personally I’ve found it easiest to play this game with my eyes shut most of the time, which feels a little odd, but works better. The quality of the audio is excellent, and using the controls on the screen to move around in the audio environment works well although it took me a little while to get used to.

I’ve said before that I’m not a big game player and I’m not, but this is a music or rather an audio related game that I feel like I can actually get into. In fact, as I’ve played it more than once and haven’t deleted it from my iPhone it is one of my best surviving games so far.

That’s not to say that I’m any good at it of course!

Overall I’d say that Papa Sangre is a really interesting idea for a game and worth checking out if you’re interested in 3D audio.

Papa Sangre - Somethin' Else

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5 comments on “Just for comparison”

Just for comparison

I posted some shots of my new NSP BreakOut the other day, but then I thought you might like to see it compared to some of the other audio interfaces for the iPhone, so I took a picture of it with the iRig, AmpKit LiNK and GuitarJack as well.

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3 comments on “Ultrasonic gesture controls for iPad from Elliptic Labs”

Ultrasonic gesture controls for iPad from Elliptic Labs

I can think of lots of ways that could get used in music applications.

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5 comments on “Korg iMS-20 [Tutorial em Português] Parte 3”

Korg iMS-20 [Tutorial em Português] Parte 3


iPads at the Apple Store

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1 comment on “About the Meeblip Manufacture”

About the Meeblip Manufacture

A good article on the manufacturing process for the meeblip. Especially worth a read if you’re considering venturing out into your own making your own boutique music hardware.

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0 comments on “Arduino Uno SMD launched”

Arduino Uno SMD launched

Arduino announce the launch of the new Uno SMD. Details here.

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0 comments on “Microvision projector”

Microvision projector

TUAW posted this a few days ago and I share it out of interest. I don’t think the technology is quite there as yet, and the pricing still needs to come down although it is getting better.

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0 comments on “Mashable impressions of the 3DS”

Mashable impressions of the 3DS

I know that this isn’t really mobile music related, but it does intrigue me how a 3D interface might get used in music making, and I’m sure someone will give it a try.

Anyway, Mashable are fairly positive about the 3DS.

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