Looks like a useful app. Here’s the description:

** Important – this app requires the Midi Mobilizer accessory from Line6 **

MidiVision is a real-time midi capture and analysis tool for iOS devices using the Midi Mobilizer from Line6.

If you need to see what your midi device is sending then using MidiVision (and Midi Mobilizer) on your iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad provides a simple, handy and extremely portable solution.

Ideal for musicians, studio engineers and roadies who need to solve midi problems quickly. It’s like a sophisticated cable tester for midi hell!


  • Events captured are displayed in a colour coded and timestamped format
  • Two event view modes: compact (one per line) or detailed (detailed event descriptions and raw data bytes)
  • Audible beep when data is received
  • Events can be replayed on demand
  • Events can be emailed as a printable report and standard midi file for use in other software
  • Events can be mirrored to midi out
  • Events can be filtered (capture or midi thru) 

The app is priced at $3.99.

MidiVision - Audeonic Apps

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