And running the excellent Xewton Music Studio too! I wonder if it is running the same SDK as the SS25 or if it is something new?


Music Studio - Alexander Gross

iPads at the Apple Store Clip to Evernote

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  1. At $270, I think Ion really missed the mark. For that price you could probably do better without it:

    For example:
    $100 midi controller of your choice
    $40 midi interface
    $40 cck
    $50 iPad stand

    Each of these items also serves other uses (and most of us already have a few of them around).

    I strongly doubt that there is enough demand for this type of product for it to be competitive at the present time.

    That said, I'd want a product like this but with no speakers, better aesthetics, smaller keys, and a smaller range—for about $150.


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