I was playing with a pre-release version of this app yesterday and really liked it a lot. It reminds me of wiresq a little, so if you’re familiar with that app you’ve got a clue as to what it’s like.

Here’s the app’s desciption:

* Construct a miniature music-making machine on your iPad! See a video demo at http://gridmusicapp.com

Swipe between cells to wire them together and tap cells to change what they do: SOURCES send CHARGES out into the grid, NOTES play a tone when a charge hits them, and MODULATORS change the kind of sound Grid Music plays.

* Performance and composition in one tool

Modify your composition as it plays. Switch off part of your composition by sending charges into a dead end. Or, change the tone a note plays while charges are hitting it.

* Create an ever-changing musical composition

Charges follow the paths you create for them, but they turn by chance when faced with a choice, allowing you to guide them into random arrangements.

* Save and recall your compositions

Save your composition as a bookmark and recall it at any time. Everything is saved, including the position of charges on the grid.

Grid Music is priced at $3.99.

Grid Music - Michael Daines

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